The soul of Mike Orenich is behind every photo he’s captured. Through his eyes we are allowed a glimpse into the image he was compelled to document, a picture within a frame that time cannot fade. A man indigenous to remote western Mongolia huddled in fur with eagles at his side. A woman in Cuba in vivid contemplation. A 1956 Chevrolet in all its rarity. The pictures captivate us; we are  entranced and captured by these stories which have no beginning or end.

If Mike’s photos could speak, they would tell incredible tales. He’s permeated the boundaries of some of the most far-reaching places in the world, traveled into pockets of history that are still encapsulated on the streets of Cuba. It’s there that he gazed at a woman on her patio in such deep thought that it enraptured him. And with his creative ingenuity, he was able to bring the depth in her eyes to a photo that demands the beat of our hearts.

“The world is about people, someone has to take sight and present them to the young and the old,” he says. “Sometimes we don’t even realize other cultures exist.”

Mike emanates the essence of a photographer. He’s like a man possessed once he’s behind the camera, it’s there that he finally finds the freedom to be completely in the moment. And Mike doesn’t want to impede on ours; he doesn’t use titles on his photos, for to do so would be to give us a label we didn’t create. It would be to put preconceived notions into our minds, and that would steal the very freedom he so cherishes in every remote corner on the globe.

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