Visiting Angels: Caring Everyday in Everyway 1

Owner Rick Tverdoch Shares His Views on Home Health Care

A call for a Visiting Angel comes in at 3:22 a.m. Mrs. Cansto had a fall on her hallway rug and required the assistance of a caretaker after she’s discharged from the hospital. Owner of Visiting Angels, Rick Tverdoch, calms Mrs. Cansto’s daughter who is feverishly trying to book the next flight out to San Diego from Maine. Fortunately, Rick’s in the business of taking care of our loved ones, and he does so with the girth of Gibraltar and the grace of the angel Gabriel.  He’s the man responsible for the deep sighs of relief from families who are assured that a capable ‘visiting angel’ will take care of everything.

Mrs. Cansto’s Visiting Angel will be there waiting when she’s discharged from the hospital to transport her with care back home, and once home, the caregiver will be by her side to ensure she’s as comfortable as possible. With compassion and professionalism, the caregiver offers both physical and emotional support. And so begins another day in the business of caring for the most important people in our lives.

It’s a ‘business’ that most people take for granted; that is until it is their loved one who is suddenly in desperate need of immediate help. For Rick, the visiting angels business was an opportunity he got involved in after his retirement. Quite simply, he found a life of retirement opened the doors to begin a business that comes straight from his heart.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” says a poster hanging inside his office. The wise words are from Ghandi and Rick follows them to perfection.

Indeed, Rick knows the perils of caring for aging parents intimately.  Many years ago he watched his own father care for his ailing mother who, like many of us, was too proud to admit there was a problem, although she was suffering with dementia.  He understands the tug-of-war that commences between the heart and mind when a loved one is really in need of continuing care, yet hasn’t admitted it to themselves.

Luckily, Visiting Angels are on ‘stand-by’ to fly in and rescue people. The time often does arrive when long-term care becomes a necessity for an elderly relative. Simply walking in their own home poses a danger. Rugs that aren’t taped down, and even carpets that have changes in their pattern can become stumbling blocks. But who wants to confront the problem? It’s an oh-so-delicate dance of maintaining dignity while standing on firm ground that something has to happen.

Our aging population is the fastest growing group in the country. And while this is encouraging news, it is also a testament to the fact that many of these people are going to need significant levels of care.  Which leads us to the next hurtle in an already sensitive time in the life of an aging loved one: should they move into an assisted living facility or should they stay at home with the assurance that an in-house caregiver can perform all the same duties?  Most aging clients will tell you they’d much prefer to stay at home. Home, of course, is referred to as “home” for a reason.  It’s a place they love, understand, and, most importantly, find to be their refuge and comfort.

“If they can stay with their families in the surroundings they’ve been in, (that’s the best option),” Rick notes. “At many assisted living facilities, the environment isn’t social enough for residents to form good friendships. And the immobile will spend a lot time alone.”

However, many families aren’t able to live with their parents. And that’s where the different levels of care from a visiting angel help tremendously. Some aging folks only require companionship and care for a four- to eight-hour period three times a week. They may only need a caregiver to help with driving and shopping responsibilities, but don’t require someone help them bathe. While there are others who require assistance with bathing, personal hygiene, dressing, driving, shopping, basic cooking and other normal functions of day-to-day life.  Every client has a different situation, and visiting angels are there to cover everyone’s specific needs as best they can.

“This is the caring business,” Rick says.

To remove someone who is comfortable in their familiar environment and used to their normal routine is one of the most difficult decisions of many people’s lives. Thankfully, there are wonderful alternatives such as Visiting Angels. These angels give families the freedom to feel safe that their parents are in good hands.  And the ease that comes with this knowledge is priceless.

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