Autumn Mind, Body and Soul

Learn 6 Wellness Strategies for September

With summertime ending and school beginning again, it’s time to reset from summer travel and activities and get back into the swing of things. With the kids going back to school, fall can abruptly throw us into our ordinary routine. This can leave us neglecting our own needs for our families’ and feeling overwhelmed.

Instead of jumping right back into the habitual day-to-day activities of fall, try these six tips to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

1. Meditate.

Meditation is an excellent and easy relaxation technique you can practice almost anywhere. Meditation can be done for as little as 10 minutes per day and show significant benefits to your mind, body and spirit. Meditation increases immunity and improves other health issues. Research shows that meditation builds grey matter in our brain, which is responsible for our sense of judgement, reactions and sense of self. Think patience, clarity, a happier you and a happier family.

2. Try something new.

Trying new activities, places or restaurants helps to open up your mind to new ways of thinking, and can quickly get you out of a rut. It opens the door for new activities you can enjoy, to experience personal growth, to build confidence in all areas of your life, and saves you from everyday monotony. Try things you’ve always wanted to do, but never have.

3. Pursue your passions.

Passion is vital to our happiness. You can find yourself in one of two places: you have passions that you never find time to pursue, or you’re so caught up in your to-do list that you’re not sure what you’re passionate about anymore. Keep an eye out for Pursue Your Passion workshops this fall, hosted by Hello Beautiful Health at Lorna Jane in Del Mar, to get reconnected to your passions or be re-inspired to pursue passions you already have. Visit for more information.

4. Float.

Floating is an amazing opportunity to disconnect and detox from our busy world in just one hour. Floating is a technique in which you enter a float tank and lie in 11 inches of salt water, allowing you to float effortlessly, completely undisturbed by light or sound. Your body and mind find instant relaxation in the tank, without sensory stimulation, leaving you unable to think about anything but your breath. Research shows that floating can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Float North County in Solana Beach has an excellent facility and is the perfect way to rejuvenate with a busy schedule. To schedule an appointment, visit 

5. Start a gratitude journal.

This is a simple daily activity that can instantly change your mood. Take on a practice of writing 1 to 2 things you’re grateful for every morning, and you will discover a shift in your level of happiness. This is a great activity to do with your children, too.

6. Get outdoors.

It may not come as a surprise, but being outdoors is one of the best ways to heal our mind, body and spirit. Taking a walk or simply taking the time to sit in the sunshine – even just for a few minutes – can increase energy levels, improve mood and improve immunity.Behind the scenes at the Mandeville Auditorium at UCSD, more than 600 young dancers from the Del Mar, Carmel Valley and surrounding areas are queuing up stage right, racing through the changing rooms to dress for their next performance or laughing with their dance-mates – all while enjoying their recital day. Everyone is suitably dressed for their routine, from elegant ballet tutus with pointe shoes to “mouse” costumes, and each adorned with a confident smile when they hit the stage.

Making time for these tips will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to handle anything life throws at you. Continue these activities through autumn, and you will be surprised at the amount you will be able to accomplish with both grace and ease.

Marisa Molina, MPH, certified holistic health coach, is the co-founder of Hello Beautiful Health, a La Jolla health and lifestyle consulting company.