Camp Run A Mutt 1

Karen and Alishna Posner Styling Out North County Pups


Choosing a facility to care for your pet is an important decision, but Del Mar residents don’t need to look any further than Camp Run-a-Mutt, owned by cousins Karen and Alisha Posner.

“We’re really excited that we’re family-owned and woman-owned,” says Karen.

Camp Run-a-Mutt provides cage-free day care and overnight boarding to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Your canine friend will enjoy luxury amenities: more than 15,000 square feet of play area that includes bridges and ramps, a splash pond to cool down when the weather gets warm, and even a bubble machine. For overnight stays, dogs stay in a large playroom and can even watch television. A human always spends the night with the dogs, and everyone sleeps together, pack-style, after a day of playing together.

“We actually treat them like they’re our own dogs,” says Karen. “We sleep next to them at night. The first time that a dog comes to camp, they take a temperament test. We take them into a small yard, let them sniff around and get comfortable, then we’ll slowly introduce one dog at a time until there are about five or six dogs in the yard. We’re looking for any aggressive behavior or extreme timidness, and if we don’t see any sign, we test them in our larger yard to see how they do with different types of dogs, big and small. I think that the test is very important because we want a safe environment for our dogs.”

Another aspect of Camp Run-a-Mutt is the Muttcams, which enable dog owners to see their dog in real time online. The facility also includes an event space that is rented out for obedience classes, done in partnership with Pawtopia. Recent Meetups have included English bulldogs, doodles and huskies. The Posners also hope to open a doggie boutique and hire a groomer in the future.

“We’ve even talked about doing dog yoga and Pilates classes,” Alisha says.

For more information, visit or call 858.272.6310.