No Tricks to Treating the Kids to Fall Fun

Simple crafts and costumes, plus a sample of local autumn events

Spooky Snacks

Ghost Cookies

Help your child coat both sides of a Nutter Butter cookie with melted white chocolate. Place on waxed paper and press chocolate chips into the coated cookie to make the face.

Chocolate Spiders

Your kids can transform round chocolates into spiders by adhering M&M eyes to the chocolate “body” with icing then breaking curvy pieces off pretzels for legs; Use drops of melted chocolate to attach them to the cup.

Banana Ghosts

Cut a peeled banana in half and have your kids lightly coat it with lemon juice (to prevent browning). Press chocolate chips into the tops of the bananas for the faces. Serve right away or frozen.

Cute Crafts

Paper Strip Pumpkin

Cut orange construction paper for little ones or let them tear it into 2-inch strips. Older kids can use craft scissors and patterned scrapbooking paper. Stack the strips and punch holes in each end. Thread a chenille stem or twine through the holes, and secure the strips into a “C”. Spread the strips into a pumpkin shape.

Feet Ghosts

Help your child dip his foot into white paint and press it onto black cardstock. When dry, he can use a marker to draw the ghost’s face.


Encourage your kids repurpose used jars and gather leaves or cut autumn shapes from tissue paper. Adhere them to the jar with paper mâché glue. Light it with a battery-powered votive.

Simple Costumes


Simple cutting and gluing (by your kids or with your help) turns a hoodie into a shark. Cut a white felt strip into teeth, and glue it to the hem of the hood. Cut two black felt circles for eyes and glue one on each side of the hood. Cut foam into a fin and attach to the back of the hoodie.


Convert a pencil skirt into a mermaid tail. Have your child draw scales on the skirt with glitter glue. For the tailfin, use fabric glue to attach a tutu to the hem.


Dress your child in a white fitted top and pants. Wrap her arms and torso then legs and hips with gauze bandage, securing with fabric glue. (Keep the top and bottom wraps separate for stress-less restroom breaks). Wrap a light colored beanie in gauze to cover her head.

Halloween and Autumn Events

  • Kids can hear scary tales at the Spooktacular Beach Bonfire at Powerhouse Park on Oct. 16, 6-8pm. Registration required.
  • At Del Mar Highlands Shopping Center’s Trick or Treating, gather goodies early on Oct. 28, 4-6 p.m.
  • Check out the Kids Expo on Oct. 17 to Oct. 18 or at the Harvest Festival, Oct. 23 to Oct. 25. See costumed animals at the Spooktacular Dressage Show, Oct. 31 to Nov. 1. Tweens and teens can brave The Scream Zone.
  • Take a moonlight stroll with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and learn about life under the pier on Oct. 26 or Oct. 27. Ages 9+, registration required).
  • Join Legoland’s Brick o Treat Party, Saturday nights in October.
  • Visit the San Diego Botanical Garden’s Fall Festival, Oct. 31.
  • Venture to Bates Nut Farm’s Craft Fair and Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 3-4 or the costume contest and parade on Oct. 24.