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Real Talk San Diego and Del Mar Lifestyle team up to celebrate North County businesses

In a world where we now communicate in 140 characters or less, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to explain their unique value proposition to consumers. If you’ve only got a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, how can you demonstrate the merits of your product or service? Real Talk San Diego is an entrepreneur’s soapbox that overcomes the challenges brought about by today’s “new media.”

The radio show airs weekdays on ESPN 1700AM with a focus on “The Business of Life in America’s Finest City.” On-air personalities and guests alike include entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and community leaders who are having a positive impact on San Diego.

Executive Producer Brett Ward came up with the concept after sponsoring a radio show for one of his other companies. “I saw an opportunity to shift a paradigm because radio has always been about listenership and demographics. Instead of selling advertisements, we give our guests a voice and an audience.”

Real Talk empowers business leaders by providing a unique platform to tell their story– but it doesn’t end with the listening audience. The show connects people and fosters new business relationships that would have been unlikely otherwise. “It’s like matchmaking in a sense. The show is an excellent tool to create new and enhance existing relationships,” continued Ward. “I see it happen all the time- complete strangers exchange cards during a show and a new business relationship is formed.”

What started as five hours of airtime on the local ESPN affiliate each week has tripled to 15 hours, just one year later. The show is also streamed live on the Real Talk website, while podcasts and highlight videos are produced for each guest. This content provides tremendous ongoing value because it can be repurposed and used countless ways long after the broadcast.

Radio advertising typically requires a lot of capital and takes a long time to generate results. “We leverage new media and provide tangible benefits by connecting people to people, an advantage that traditional radio simply does not provide. We want you to get to know the person behind the business. It’s a powerful concept that simply can’t be done with a 30 second advertisement,” Ward added.

If you know a local entrepreneur or business leader whose story should be featured, please visit and complete the interest form.