Chastain Creations

When one of California’s legendary redwood trees lies fallen in a forest, one might see only that, a fallen tree. However, Brent Chastain, founder and chief artisan of Chastain Creations, sees something else entirely. What Chastain sees is art, a creative and soulful expression. But above all, Chastain sees redemption for these fallen giants of California’s great forests.

Redwood trees are well-known to be the tallest trees on earth. Standing as tall as 300 feet, redwood trees are seemingly immortal. Redwoods are also vital to fighting human pollution, absorbing CO2 emissions. In doing so, redwood trees help provide safehaven for animals and their habitats. Hence, preserving redwoods is very important to California’s environment. Brent Chastain does his part by finding downed redwood logs and recycling the trees into artistic, high-quality furniture.

It’s been a long journey since Brent crafted his first piece in a single car garage. He loaded his first slab of redwood into his truck and hauled it to his cousin’s mill, where he began the laborious process of crafting his first piece of furniture.

“It’s about being at peace in the wilderness, breathing the fresh air, being rooted in nature. I’m happiest in the wilderness. It’s an adrenaline rush recovering the trees. Saving a log that could have been lying there for 100 years, it’s amazing to think about,” says Brent reflectively, “It’s challenging, but salvaging those strong trees and recycling them into something beautiful makes all that labor worthwhile for sure.”

Family has been instrumental in Chastain Creations. Producing something so naturally beautiful does take an extraordinary amount of hard work and dedication. However, it requires a keen creative eye as well. The arts run deep in the Chastain family, as Brent is cousin to Golden Globe-winning and two time Academy Award-nominated actress Jessica Chastain.

Thus was the genesis of Chastain Creations, a vision of unique, hand-crafted, custom furniture. Brent, husband to Natalia, father to the adorable Aviella, and a veteran of the U.S. Marines, founded Chastain Creations in 2014. As his passion for salvaging redwoods, and subsequently crafting artistic, beautiful furniture has grown, so has his flourishing business. Truly a labor of love, the same care and thought goes into every piece of furniture Brent creates, be it a glossy, majestic conference table, or domestic pieces such as coffee tables, night stands, or benches. The same passion and attention to detail is always there. It’s not just redwood used at Chastain Creations, but several other high-quality woods, such as parota from Mexico, and black acacia from Australia, among others. From top to bottom Chastain Creations guarantees artful quality and beauty.

Great patience and labor also go into all of Brent’s pieces. Chastain Creations’ Chisel and Hammer Collection is particularly detailed. It is not hours, days or even weeks that goes into one of these signature pieces, but perhaps months. Brent personally selects and sets aside slabs for these malleable masterworks. Brent will adroitly, and painstakingly, mold and refine it to a customer’s liking.

“It’s a piece that people want to see and look at for along time. They just want this centerpiece that makes a huge statement,” says Brent of his Chisel and Hammer Collection.

Chastain Creations thrives on working with the customer as well. When a customer makes an appointment with Chastain Creations, located in Carlsbad, they collaborate in choosing their slab of wood, style of furniture, and a stylish base. There are many options for bases, including stainless-steel, solid-brass, hand-forged iron and others.

“Give us a call and let’s create something unique together,” says Brent.

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