Happy holidays, 
Del Mar!

I suppose it’s a good idea to introduce myself.  My name is F.A. “Alex” Newton. I am the new editor here at Del Mar Lifestyle. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve resided in Del Mar for barely over two months. Before my lovely girlfriend and I relocated to SoCal, we resided in New Jersey. And before my brief stay in New Jersey, I resided in Cleveland, Ohio for most of my life. Suffice it to say, the weather here has been shocking. I’ve quite literally gone from rainy springs, soggy summers, chilly falls and painful winters to, well, paradise.

As we find ourselves on the cusp of these 2015 holidays, my thoughts have been drifting towards the four seasons I’ve grown accustomed to throughout, ostensibly, the entirety of my life. In my reflection the following has occurred to me: this holiday season will be my first without snow. It is surreal that all those years of cold and snow are now replaced by sunshine and sand.

Our theme for December is Home for the Holidays. I can sincerely say that after little more than two months of residing in Del Mar, I am happy to call it home. And I’m eager to experience the holidays here. I’m a lucky guy.

I love the beauty of the four seasons, I always have and always will. I love watching the flowers slowly bloom, the excitement of the impending summer, and to see the leaves change and the snow fall. But I grew tired of the four seasons. I grew tired of the aforementioned rainy springs, soggy summers, chilly falls and painful winters. Now here, in paradise, I ask myself: will I grow tired of the eternal sunshine and flawless weather? I will not, and neither should you. Like I said, I’m a lucky guy.

See you around town,

F.A. “Alex” Newton, Editor