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Women’s Power Hour

Giving a voice to local entrepreneurs and business professionals is the mission of Real Talk San Diego, a local radio show that airs weekdays on ESPN 1700AM. Guests check their elevator pitch at the door and are encouraged to share their unique story during one of 15 hour-long shows. In addition to educating listeners in their area of expertise, guests are often paired with other professionals who offer their perspective on topics relevant to business in San Diego.

One of the more popular shows is The Women’s Power Hour which airs every other Friday and features women only on-air. The show is hosted by Lindsay Chilson, Real Talk San Diego producer, and was created to uplift and inspire women both personally and professionally.

“Almost all of our shows are hosted by men,” says Chilson. “I wanted to give a voice to the amazing local business women who are positively impacting our community.”

Despite the fact that her other show is gender neutral, Chilson giggles when she refers to the The Women’s Power Hour as the “no men zone.”

“There’s just something different when it’s only women. It allows me to create a fun, safe environment that empowers my guests to truly express themselves.”

But make no mistake, this isn’t the radio version of The View. Although it is produced by and for women, it is first and foremost a show about business. Chilson’s guests freely share their stories, opinions and advice on what it takes to become a successful professional woman. Topics on any given show might include the struggles of entrepreneurship or climbing the corporate ladder to defining appropriate attire or how to effectively “hang with the men” in a male dominant business world.

“I love doing a show that features successful women,” says Chilson. “We can let loose and get real on-air while maintaining our professionalism. We are all playing the same game and overcoming the same challenges. I get to hear empowering stories from all my guests and I am truly inspired by these amazing ladies. I feel like I have teammates not only in business, but in life.”

Like most professional women who battle stereotypes and overcome long odds in the business world, Chilson has had her share of challenges.

“I don’t have a degree so I’ve had start at the bottom of every company where I’ve worked. I’ve dealt with the stereotypes and the inappropriate advances, so it’s always been important for me to prove that I don’t need to rely on my looks to advance my career. For me, it’s about two things: perseverance and performance.”

Chilson is bubbly, outgoing and unapologetically herself. A self-described PG version of Amy Schumer or Chelsea Handler, she has an uncanny ability to make her guests feel comfortable and provides them with a fun and unforgettable radio experience. Both men and women alike can take something beneficial away from The Women’s Power Hour. 

If you know a local entrepreneur or business leader whose story should be featured on the show, please visit and complete the interest form or send Lindsay Chilson a message on