Celebrating the Hero in Every Woman

Someone once told me that if I still look cute at the end of my workout, then that is evidence I didn’t work hard enough. Evidently, that certain someone has never heard of GRACEDBYGRIT, a women-owned local business that designs and manufactures premium women’s athletic apparel.  If you enjoy working out, you typically have a two-fold reason for doing so: feeling good and looking good. Isn’t it time to have workout wear that performs and gives as much as you do to the workout? No matter how hard you sweat, GRACEDBYGRIT will keep you looking your best while simultaneously performing its best.

Conceived by fitness and fashion-minded entrepreneurs and business developers Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan, GRACEDBYGRIT, which opened its doors in Solana Beach in May of 2015, has positioned itself as the go-to retailer for high performance, flattering workout wear for women that can withstand the most rigorous of challenges from all types of athletic endeavors, especially running and water sports, to life’s daily grind. The exceptional products offered by GRACEDBYGRIT harmoniously combine women’s athletic apparel that works at an exceptional level while providing slimming, unique and attractive designs. Not only are Caccavo and Nowlan’s designs flattering to any figure and feminine in cut, the technical fabrics imported from Italy are uniquely selected for production in the US while ensuring that comfort and luxury are never compromised.

“Our clothes are highly technical, offer a better experience and look good on you,” says Nowlan, also noting that the clothes are made in the USA from high performance compression fabric with a UPF rating of 50+ and each item comes complete with a safety whistle. The list of available products includes tanks, long-sleeved tops, capris, running shorts, booty shorts, fleece-lined leggings, jackets, headbands, socks, knickers, gloves and hats. They can easily transition from water to land, drying quickly like a bathing suit so you can go from the yoga mat or swimming class to the grocery store looking and feeling your best.

“The beauty of the products is that they are durable and last, and yet the fashion side of them never goes out of style,” says Nowlan. “These clothes make a woman feel like a woman.”

Caccavo and Nowlan are always excited when they see women wearing their products, and have encountered satisfied customers from New York’s Central Park to the California coastline.

The common theme expressed by GRACEDBYGRIT is not just fashionable and durable, high performance clothing and athletic wear, but also pieces that tell a story and capture the heart.

The way clothes perform have an impact on how you look and feel, and when you are going through challenging times, sometimes what you wear can help minimize the negative impact and really improve your overall outlook. That is where the grit part comes into play. While these clothes embrace the physical body, the stories in which they play a part embrace the heart.

“Every woman has a gritty moment that could make or break her,” says Caccavo. “It is how we make it through those moments that define us. That grit is what gives us grace. We love it when people tell us what a certain piece means to them. Our clothes work just as hard as the people who wear them.”

In addition to their retail store, products are available through the company’s web site and a few specialty retailers. The company also offers an Influencer Program that invites those individuals involved in their communities who appreciate fitness and who are enthusiastic about the GRACEDBYGRIT brand.  For their involvement with the company, influencers will receive certain discounts and benefits. Another way to enjoy this performance attire is to host a trunk show.  All you have to do is invite friends and family for an afternoon or evening of food, drinks and fun.

The philosophy behind GRACEDBYGRIT is simple yet profound.

While it’s important for entrepreneurs to keep a careful eye on the bottom line of their business, the return on investment for Caccavo and Nowlan cannot be measured quantitatively.  When you wear GRACEDBYGRIT, they hope you will be inspired to feel confident, motivated to be active and perform better than ever.

“We understand what it takes to be a woman,” says Caccavo. “We celebrate the strength behind every woman’s story.”

For more information on GRACEDBYGRIT, visit them at 153 N. Hwy 101, Ste. 103 in Solana Beach; call them at 877.964.7481 or 858.436.7247; or go online at