Meet Matt Montgomery 4

Owner of Samata Spa

When Matt Montgomery was a 22-year-old college student, his life took an unexpected and tragic turn: he was struck by an SUV driven by a fleeing shoplifter in a parking lot. Once a competitive swimmer with Olympic aspirations, Montgomery landed in the hospital with serious injuries.

“I spent a good ten years really in constant pain,” he says. “Somewhere along the line, my spine ruptured, possibly as a result of the old injuries, but probably largely in part due to the fact that I was working at a desk job and spending entirely too much time sitting. After ten years of pain pills, three knee surgeries and a back surgery, I just hurt every second of every day. One day out of desperation I got a massage. It was the first thing that ever helped. A week later I was in massage school, and eight months later I had my body back.”

Montgomery is now a certified massage therapist and the proud owner of Samata Spa. Samata means “balance” in Sanskrit.

While many view massage as a luxury, Montgomery says it has incredible powers to heal the body. When he began his career as a massage therapist, a client who had been severely injured in a car accident and had not had success with physical therapy came to him about a week after her first massage with tears in her eyes.

“She was like, ‘Matt, I have been in pain every day for twelve years. And I got four days without any pain, and I never thought I would have that again,’” he says.

Therapist Sarah Melody works with Montgomery; he has nicknamed  her “Sarah-mazing.” Melody makes all spa enhancements in-house, such as lotions made from Shea butter, coco butter and coconut oil that can be mixed with essential oils specific to the client’s preferences and needs.

“She really knows her stuff,” says Montgomery. “She’s got quite a bit of training and 10 years of experience. We would definitely not be in business if it were not for her.”

Samata Spa is unique in that it has a strong emphasis on reflexology, which utilizes pressure points on the feet, hands, and head that correspond to different areas of the body. Along with standard offerings such as deep tissue and Swedish massage, Samata also offers unique options such as the chakra drop and Jin Shin Do massages, plus Craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. The chakra drop is based on raindrop therapy and involves essential oils dropped along the spine to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body.

“It’s actually one of my favorite treatments to give,” says Montgomery. “It leaves me very peaceful.”

Being able to heal others the way he was once healed is Montgomery’s way of coming full circle.

“That’s the main reason why I do what I do,” he says. “Because a lot of people feel just resigned to misery. There’s nothing they can do about it. They’re sort of like a helpless bystander to their own healing process, because that’s the way our medical system works. If I can help empower them to take ownership over their body, there’s really a lot that they can do to reclaim a really good quality of life. No one has to be stuck.”

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