Happy holidays, 
Del Mar!

Greetings Del Mar! Welcome to the February issue of Del Mar Lifestyle. This being February, I suspect that many of our hearts and minds find themselves pondering love. As I sat down to write this, I found myself pondering love. I considered attempting to articulate what love means to me. I considered writing a long-winded soliloquy regarding broad themes of love. However, in the end, I’ve decided to let a quote from one of my favorite novels perform that task for me. Bear with me:

“Love—and all its complicated ramifications, Draeger believed—actually does conquer all; love—or the fear of not having it, or the worry about not having enough of it, or the terror of losing it—certainly does conquer all.”  – Ken Kesey Sometimes a Great Notion 

Actually, I cannot let that quote do all the work for me. Our writers here at Del Mar Lifestyle have done their part as well by highlighting a few local iterations of love, Del Mar style. This month we’ll highlight Tsavo’s Canine Rehabilitation, a wonderful establishment that provides man’s best friends with a unique place to heal and thrive. We also have Blink Lash Boutique and Blush Tan to help make your Valentine’s Day as beautiful as possible; find out how you can pamper yourself with love at Blink Lash and Blush Tan. And be sure you don’t miss this month’s parting thoughts: “Love is in the Air,” a lovely way to end our February issue.

Last but certainly not least allow me to welcome our new owner/publisher Dan Austin. Dan is extraordinarily passionate about highlighting the best Del Mar has to offer. Our readers can rest assured that going forward we are in very good hands.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you around town,