Gelson's: The Super Market 2

Then and Now

Burbank, 1951. Two Brothers, Eugene and Bernie, open their first grocery store. A store that would come to be known as Gelson’s.

Eugene and Bernie took the formula from their parents’ Iowa grocery store and improved upon it beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. They implemented a modern design. The front of their store wasn’t concrete, but the front of their store was made of reflective glass, so anyone passing by could see the wondrous interior. Detailed displays of items and immense stocks of seemingly any item anyone may need. Looking through the store’s glass front people could see long corridors, or “aisles” that would become a signature of all Gelson’s super markets. People who walked through that glass front would encounter a rare-for-the-time modern “self-service” meat department, which featured metal and glass cases running the full length of entire walls. People could enter and easily choose the freshest produce California had to offer.

It goes without saying that over 66 years later, Eugene and Bernie have been extraordinarily successful. The first Gelson’s was 1,200 square-feet, then 5,000 square-feet, then 8,000 square-feet; eventually there was a 25,000 square-foot store. But nowadays, size doesn’t matter. With Gelson’s supermarkets, it’s all about the quality of the store. In all Gelson’s stores, even today, you can sense Eugene and Bernie’s “can-do” spirit. You feel Eugene and Bernie’s  respect and love for each customer that walks through those glass doors.

Today, in 2016, Gelson’s operates 18 full-service specialty grocery stores in Southern California. All Gelson’s Markets feature the full amenities of a traditional supermarket, with the comfort of a neighborhood market. Their high standards for quality, value and freshness, and attention to detail, define a great grocery store experience. Gelson’s has a reputation for always having the finest hand-picked fresh produce, and the freshest meat and seafood of any grocery store.

Eugene and Bernie’s legacy finally made its way to Del Mar on January 14th. Yet another new Gelson’s will open in Carlsbad on February 11th, with a third store slated to open in Pacific Beach in late March. Be sure to stop in at your brand new Gelson’s to enjoy Eugene and Bernie’s legacy. The new Del Mar Gelson’s is located at 2707 Via De La Valle.

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