Broadway Nights Beckons 1

Support Rady’s Resuscitation Room Project

Experience the magic of Broadway Nights, April 23 at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, when supporting fundraising efforts by the Rancho Santa Fe Auxiliary Unit for Rady Children’s Hospital. Over the past 17 years, the Unit has raised over $9.7million for RCH, made possible by the help of sponsors, supporters and countless volunteers integral to the fundraising effort. This year, the Unit is dedicating the annual fundraising gala, Broadway Nights, to the Emergency Department. Funds raised will complete the ED’s Resuscitation Room Project for the Sam S. and Rose Stein Emergency Care Center.

The gala will feature a Broadway-style show extravaganza. Imagination Entertainment, the 2013 winner of Special Event Gala Awards, presents their award-winning theatrical production On Broadway, with a cast of amazing musical theatre talents. This one-hour production celebrates the biggest hits from Broadway, with gorgeous costumes, stunning choreography, and vocal talent rarely seen outside of a theatre. In addition to the private Broadway-style show, the gala will feature live and mini-live auctions, interactive games, an elegant sit down dinner, and special surprises. The Happily Ever After Party features dancing, late night snacks and dessert.

Co-chairs of the gala, Sandra Den Ujil and Shaunna Salzetti-Kahn are thankful for the support this far, and are confident fundraising goals will be met. “The money to be raised is for the resuscitation room, which costs a million dollars. We have already raised some funds and are hoping to meet the goal, but it would be even better if we can over-raise as all monies go back to the hospital!” says Sandra Den Ujil.

The Rady Children’s Resuscitation Room Project will transform emergency healthcare education at RCH and advance patient care through the availability and upgrading of high-tech equipment for simulation training, rapid diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of critically ill children. Rady Children’s Emergency Care Center will utilize funds raised to meet the ED’s most urgent needs: specialized equipment, upgraded technology and space renovation.

Resuscitation is the central function of modern emergency departments and requires the availability and upgrading of high-tech equipment for rapid diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Care is provided in specialized resuscitation bays that are carefully designed to optimize available space and have specially-designed beds, imaging capabilities, and resuscitation equipment.

This is the third fundraising gala being hosted so efforts have been on as of the last three years. “We have witnessed strong support from the community with 95% of our previous sponsors coming back. This Unit itself dates back to 1969 and many here are lifetime members. We are 100% volunteer-based so there are no administrative costs and all monies raised go straight to the different projects,” says Shaunna Salzetti-Kahn.

About 400 attendees are expected at the gala and tickets are selling out fast so head on over to the event website to do your bit to ensure the RCH ED receives your support!