New Experiences, New Ideas

As we worked tirelessly to put together our first Arts Issue, we realized that to truly cover the arts in our community there’s so much more happening than we could fit in one month. The good news is there’s more to come! We hope you enjoy our look into the various forms of art that make our community so vibrant and come alive! Art comes in so many forms – music, painting, sculpture, photography, design and performance art. This month, we take a look at everything from a celebration of new exhibits in town, the art of investing, the art of “repurposing”, the art of Giving Back, to a look at artists that have touched our town, both past and present. Our feature story is a unique look at the arts in a community torn between a sports soap opera and saving the real opera…sound familiar?

As I look over all the great stories we share with you, I’m seeing my two lovely children draw and create and discover the world of possibilities that their imagination dreams up. Imagine that – a world with limitless possibilities! That, to our family and me, is truly what the arts means. The imagination of what is possible leads to new experiences – new ideas – new forms of expression. We hope you enjoy our small part in showing you what is being created right here in our community!

Dan Austin, Publisher