Home is...

When we think of home, we often think of a house, the rooms and their contents; maybe with a yard, garage, perhaps a little picket fence. The bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces make a house functional. Often times there are little feet pattering around whether they are furry feet or those of our children. They give the house life. However, what we have come to know is that it is mom who makes the house a home, gives it warmth. It’s no coincidence that our May issue is our home issue and it is also the month that celebrates mothers.

In honor of mothers everywhere, we feature a delicious yet easy Mother’s Day brunch that can be hosted at home – it’s perfect for little helpers to get involved. Plus, some great gift ideas for the special women in your life from Tucci Boutique. This is all in honor of the woman who makes your house a home, but we also get to meet with those who add the delightful designs and details that make us happy; interior designer Molly Proul of Molly M O’Neil gives us a glimpse of what is in her office and we get to peek into the new showroom of Lars Remodeling & Design.

Home is where the heart is and we hope you love some of the great stories and news in our community we get to share with you this month. We’d love to hear from you and what makes your house a home. Email us or send us a note on social media anytime and we’ll see you around town!

Jennifer and Dan Austin