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Passionately Designed Jewelry

Jewelry designer and local business owner Bunny Bedi is bringing semi-precious gemstones from all corners of the world to Del Mar. His handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs create a jewelry experience that will take you on a journey through Earth’s treasures. Made In Earth was established in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia by Head Designer and Creative Director Bunny Bedi. When asked about how he got his start, he says, “the gemstones found me.” He left his career as a chef and began selling jewelry at boutique flea markets in Melbourne. As his passion grew and his creative side took the reigns, his own creations came to life. Seventeen years later, with four jewelry galleries worldwide and a long list of stockists across Australia, his passion and energy are just as evident. “I couldn’t be happier that I am living my passion!”

Del Mar is home to the youngest Made In Earth gallery, which launched mid-2015. A walk on Christmas Eve led Bedi to a ‘For Lease’ sign and he felt a sense of excitement. He recognized that feeling from three years earlier when he located his first California store in Venice Beach. “I knew my jewelry would be appreciated by the locals, and it was,” he shares. Bedi listened to his heart and called the agent on the Del Mar sign that night. The Made In Earth line is created with high-quality gemstones as the centerpiece in each design. Each piece is an original work and individually handmade. Bedi says, “We pay respect to the natural beauty within each gemstone and aim to let that beauty shine through.”

Made in Earth galleries carry the largest collection of gemstones, crystals, meteorites and fossils – over 190 different stones – sourced from the Americas to Madagascar, Greenland to Australia. The galleries host new designs, one-of-a-kind pieces and a team of expert stylists with a wealth of knowledge on their stones. Additionally, stylists can customize designs for a truly unique piece. While women make up the majority of Made in Earth’s clientele, they do cater to men as well, offering a collection of rings, pendants and cufflinks. “This has gained a following over the years. In particular, our meteorites and fossils. Sterling silver gem-set cufflinks have always been something missing from men’s accessory collections, so we’re here to answer that calling,” Bedi says.

This year will see the launch of the ‘Melody Collection’, their largest yet. Made In Earth’s collaboration with Melody, internationally known best-selling author of Love Is In The Earth series, will feature crystals from Melody’s personal collection with Bedi’s signature style. A proud father of two young boys, Bedi is able to share with them some amazing stories through his gemstones and crystals. He even goes as far as to do show-and-tell presentations at his son’s class – Last year, he took them back in time by showing them dinosaur bones. Next, they’ll travel to outer space with meteorites!