Homegrown Wall Street Finance

When you hear the term Wall Street, it conjures images of New York City, Lower Manhattan, and the Financial District. But the power and might of Wall Street stretches all across our vast country. All the major stock exchanges are now fully computerized in this digital age. One no longer needs to be present on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to engage in real-time stock transactions; trades often measured in the millions, and even billions. We can now manage portfolios just as effectively at home in La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, and Del Mar.

Back in 2003, with the world of Wall Street in mind, my son Daniel, a recent graduate with a degree in finance, and I, launched our own mutual fund company, right from our offices in La Jolla. We discovered an administrative firm, also domiciled in San Diego County, which specialized in back-office support for fledgling mutual fund advisory firms.

So, I’m here to share with you the fact that “homegrown” in San Diego doesn’t mean just restaurants, handcraft breweries, Qualcomm, Chargers, Padres, San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland, Callaway, Taylor Made, WD40, and any number of surfboard and skateboard manufacturers. It now includes Neiman Funds Management LLC; of which I am the original founder. We serve as portfolio manager for Neiman Funds family of mutual funds. Our funds are administered by Premier Funds Solutions; whose offices are in El Cajon.

About six years ago, we acquired partners located in upstate New York. We reorganized our firm, and now our mutual fund offices are in Williamsville, NY. But, at no time did we abandon our San Diego roots. Daniel and I are the primary portfolio managers of the fund family. He works from his home office in Mission Beach, where he is raising his family. He surfs, plays beach volleyball, and walks the dog on the boardwalk (during legal hours).

I work from my home in Rancho Santa Fe, where I also find time to improve my golf and my tennis games, and advise on the remodel of my hacienda-style home. I’m guided in the remodel by my dear contractor friend, Dan Avis, and with splendid interior design touches from my daughter-in-law, Lauren Neiman, both of whom are native San Diegans. My extracurricular sports do not deter me from my daily monitoring of our mutual fund portfolios, from my desk, with clear views of my backyard eucalyptus trees.

Literally, with a few clicks of the mouse, connected to my new Surface tablet, I can control a mutual fund portfolio of any size. I do not need to be in a New York skyscraper, with distance views of the Statue of Liberty, to competently monitor and manage stock portfolios representing shareholder investments in amounts ranging from a few thousands to many millions.

By the way, the same home office is where I wrote my book Customize Wall Street. The book is my endeavor to empower my readers with the feeling that they can have everything Wall Street has to offer, right at their fingertips, whether they’re lying on the beach or having coffee at Starbucks.