Re-engaging with Life: Visiting Angels 1

hat is life if you have nothing to engage it with?” says passionate owner and director for the Solana Beach Visiting Angels location, Rick Tverdoch. The Visiting Angels is just one call away for your loved one, whether that is someone who doesn’t have the ability to perform the same way they used to or are just simply in need of a helping hand.

Tverdoch found his true calling, after retiring as an electrical engineer for 35 years, to become part of Visiting Angels. Experiencing his own heartbreak with his mother’s dementia and cancer, he watched his father take care of her. Unable to help from across the country, he would listen and coach his father on how to take care of his mother in a healthy way. This experience inspired him to continue to help others.

The Visiting Angels provide a variety of services for care recipients, helping them with their day-to-day lives. Caregivers are available 24×7 to assist your loved ones, whether young or old. During scheduled hours, caregivers help with medicinal reminders, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and running errands.

Most elderly people with severe conditions get stuck in an assisted living home where they are not properly taken care of. With most caregivers only able to provide emergency care to patients, your loved ones are often left alone. With Visiting Angels, however, authentic and personal relationships are built.

“We thoroughly interview our caregivers to ensure we have the best personalities that can develop a long lasting relationship with our clients and really get to know their needs. Not only are they physically there for them but they show compassion,” says Case Manager Jackie Wager.

Once a relationship forms, the same caregivers are maintained for each client so the caregiver can learn the true needs of the client: what they like to do, where they like to go, introduce them to activities outside of the home. More importantly, the caregiver can note different behaviors and alert a need to update medication or for the family to meet with a physician.

The great benefit for at home care is that seniors can “age in place” and be in the comfort of their home. It can often be lonely, so they appreciate having someone there to talk to. The caregivers offer profound emotional connections. “This makes the care recipient happy and they have something to look forward to. Their time with the caregiver helps them to be re-engaged in life. It is a wonderful awakening for them,” explains Tverdoch.

Visiting Angels’ caregivers benefit from the organization by not only earning a living, but by doing something that they are very good at and is personally rewarding when clients let them know how much they matter in their lives. “The caregivers not only get to know the care recipient but their families as well. When you can help someone in deep need, it makes you feel alive,” says Tverdoch.