Happy Hour Work Environment

I certainly don’t want to encourage people, especially young folks, to enjoy alcohol while on the job. That’s a no-no; zero tolerance! However, most of us know that Southern California lifestyle offers “happy hour” at most popular restaurants and bars, typically timed for the end of the working day.

As for me, my working day can occupy any portion of a 24-hour period. So, when the timing is right, I like to combine two fun activities – creative work and libation. Being an author and a stock investment portfolio manager, I often ask myself why not go to a favorite “watering hole”, and bring along my laptop?

I am often most creative, both in my writing and in my stock investments, while chugging a chilled IPA or sipping a buttery chardonnay. I can’t think of a more fun way to “spell check” my just-written action scene or to pour over financial statements of a recently received stock tip.

In the world of hand-crafted San Diego beers, there is no place more fun than San Diego’s home-grown Karl Strauss Brewery restaurants. Equally friendly for children and beer drinkers of all ages is Pizza Port. In North County, Karl Strauss can be found in Carlsbad and in 4S Ranch. Pizza Port has locations in both Solana Beach and Carlsbad. I visit both of these fine brewed-beer sanctuaries quite frequently, usually requesting one of my favorite India Pale Ales. My taste buds usually get “happy”, the minute I get “hoppy”. Both Pizza Port and Karl Strauss have delicious food, at fair prices, presented with friendly, efficient customer service.

Ah, you ask, don’t I drink wine as well? Yes, my new Surface laptop operates just fine with a glass of chardonnay or smooth pinot noir close at hand. North County is not lacking in convenient wine tasting venues, as well. I frequently enjoy visiting either 3rd Corner on Pacific Coast Hwy in Encinitas, or Wine Steals on San Elijo in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Both have a broad selection of wines at competitive prices, for consumption on premises, or for retail carry away. If you consume your wine purchase on the premises, a reasonable corkage fee of $5 or $6 is added to the bottle price. Naturally, both entities have numerous selections sold by the glass, along with ample selections of meals and appetizers. Food pricing might be slightly higher at 3rd Corner, but not by much, as compared to Wine Steals. The food selections are quite tasty and filling at both establishments, and they both have outdoor patios. If one is a music lover, local artists have been seen and heard playing live music at Wine Steals.

My goal is to try to be productive while enjoying a beverage of choice. In other words, at the end of most other people’s working day, I can still be productive “after hours”, and enjoy myself at the same time!