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Exploring Hikes Around Del Mar

Torrey Pines Hike

Free parking at the beach can be difficult during the summer months and weekends but there is additional paid parking at the bottom of the hill and on the other side of the rail tracks. Torrey Pines trail has been designed for your enjoyment. It is open enough that you can immerse in the beauty of nature without worrying about bumping into others. There is plenty of diversity to make the hike a challenge. The hike uphill gives you a long view of Carmel Valley and vicinities. The walk down to the beach offers a vast view of the ocean and beautiful Torrey Pines sandstone cliffs. The pine trees are a great visual focus while on the hike. A swim in the ocean after is recommended. If you still want more exercise after your swim, walking south on the beach to La Jolla can be an interesting walk, as you will need to negotiate a nude beach, Black’s Beach, on the way and you are never quite sure what the views have to offer!

Quick tip: If you are the one in your hiking group that always wants to know where you can take a bathroom stop, you will find bathrooms at the bottom and top of the hill.

Located at 12600 N Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, Ca 92037 | TorreyPine.org

San Elijo

San Elijo Lagoon is the body of water between Solana Beach and Cardiff right across from the ocean. It is an easy hike around that area but extends west and north offering a variety of levels of intensity and length. Wild animals and lush vegetation can be found on this hike. Take a walk on the bridge over the wetlands and canals of water, where you can see fish swimming. Beautiful birds and other mammals are part of the environment, and can be seen crossing the narrow paths as you walk. There are benches along the way so you cant sit and enjoy the beautiful view of what looks like a valley of the Pacific Ocean nestled between Solana Beach and Cardiff’s cliffs.

Quick tip: A little trip inside the nature preserve house will give you some more information about their extensive preservation work of these wetlands.

Located at 777 South Highway 101, 112 Solana Beach, CA 92075 | SanElijo.org

Carmel Valley

Carmel Valley is filled with trails so you will be spoilt for choice. The Carmel Valley path extends from the 5 at Carmel Valley Road to Carmel Country Road. Hikers as well as bikers use this trail, and a few horse riding aficionados as well. The paths and roads are beautifully designed alongside residential communities. This path also extends west to Poway. Watch for humming birds and rabbits usually sighted on this trail. There is an immense feeling of distance and height along the Carmel Mountain portions of the trail and a sense of transition over the Canyon.

Quick tip: Even though this is usually not a big deal in San Diego, check that it has not rained a day or two before your hike as there are some parts that you won’t be able to cross, or at least come out of with clean shoes, on this trail!

Located at 700 West Carmel Valley Road, CA 93924 | AllTrails.com