Splurge 4

Because now you can save time

Spent hours on your phone trying to figure out what that amazing bottle of wine was at dinner last night? Have a special perfume you’ve adored for ages but now can’t remember its name?

With the Splurge App, you can save time by having these details at your fingertips! Simply use the app to scan their unique, easy to recognize QR code and the product will be saved on your phone for fast reordering.

Participating merchants will display Splurge QR codes on their products for easy identification. And if you do chance upon a fabulous product missing on Splurge, the app also allows you to recommend a merchant so they can be included in the program.

Enjoy saving time, purchasing the products you love the most and have all the information available any time, anywhere!


Splurge President & CEO Rebecca Knuth has a toddler to run after, so creating the app to alleviate the need to also chase down her favorite luxury items made perfect sense. She wanted to get back the one thing none of us can buy – time!

With your delivery or pick up preferences already set, ordering more of your favorites, so you never run out, has never be easier. Launched in San Diego, Splurge does just that – you’ve got the money but you don’t have the time. Save time with Splurge.

And now, with their latest release, take your refined taste and luxury purchasing to the next level – GIFT luxuries to those whom you’d like to spread some joy!

Splurge Feature #26: GIFT IT

Just in time for the holiday season, Splurge makes gifting the finer things in life much easier. You can send a friend, relative or co-worker a little bit of luxury in only a few seconds. Share your refined holiday selections with them and get them ready to Splurge as well!

Go on, order more…Splurge.

Available to download now on the Apple Store and Google Play. Splurge.works