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With all the parties, dinner invitations, and gift exchanges this holiday season, none of us can resist the sheer joy of great food and drink at every turn. Along with all that joy often comes a guilty feeling that maybe we’re over doing it, with food and drink of the wrong quantity and wrong type.

So along comes January 2nd and we make that annual “New Year’s Resolution”. Many of us do so year after year. If we repeat the same resolution, it gets harder each year to be successful with our annual goals. No matter the habit, we conclude the holiday season with a pledge to do better in the coming year.

Well, here’s an idea…What if we don’t wait until all the holidays are over before beginning our upcoming New Year’s resolutions? Instead of calling these resolutions “New Year’s resolutions”, how about calling them “end-of-the-year resolutions”, putting them into effect perhaps on December 1st or 15th.

One potential benefit is that it might not take nearly as much effort to continue keeping the resolution throughout the coming new year, if we begin the program sooner than later. In other words, if your new habit or discipline is successful during the holidays themselves, when temptations are so much stronger, it seems reasonable that you’ll have an easier time in January and February, when temptations are fewer.

Please don’t think that I don’t want people to enjoy the holidays. I wish us all the joy of wonderful family gatherings, parties with friends, and great holiday outings, that we’ve come to expect this time of year. But, if you are a person who plans to make one or more New Year’s resolutions anyway, why not try starting a little earlier this year? Maybe you’ll find that they work better than ever before. Happy Holidays to us all!