5 Reasons {To Work With an Interior Designer}

Molly Proul O’Neil, Founder and Creative Director at Molly O’Neil Designs, has over 20 years of interior and architectural design experience. Her design studio and showroom are in the Village of Del Mar where she specializes in residential and commercial design.

01 Save Time and Money

An interior designer has a trained eye that can help you avoid costly mistakes by selecting the correct paint color, tile plumbing fixtures and furniture thereby avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes.  Furthermore, an interior designer can provide detailed plans and elevations to your contractor so that the job is done to your specifications.

02 Professional Assessment

An interior designer can determine your style, needs and budget. It is their job to understand how you envision your space and the activities that will take place in that space. They have a strong knowledge and understanding of the relationship between hue and pigment, pattern and texture, size and scale, quality and craftsmanship, price and value.

03 Exclusive Resources

Interior designers have exclusive resources and access to vendors not available to the general public that can create items of higher quality than found at local stores/online. A good interior designer will attend the Furniture Market in High Point, NC and other exclusive design conferences and expos open only to members of the trade to learn current trends and gain access to new resources.

04 Trusted Liaison

An interior designer can build strong relationships between your contractors and consultants working on your design job. An interior designer is the client’s advocate before, during, and after the project and ensures that everything is handled and built as planned. They can anticipate and provide guidance when challenging obstacles occur to facilitate a streamlined construction process.

05 The ‘Wow’ Factor

My old house looks beautiful again!… How did the interior designer do that?… All ‘wow’ sentiments that clients experience when working with interior designers because experienced design professionals can visualize the end result before they even start. They have many tools in their arsenal – furniture space plans, elevations, 3D colored drawings – that clients wouldn’t know of/have access to.