Let Your Health Blossom 3

New Medicine for the 21st Century

Hidden away among the trees on the 101 in Leucadia, you’ll find Bloom Naturopathic Medicine where health and wellness are addressed with the cutting edge technologies of today’s naturopathic medicine and the wisdom of ancient healing arts, designing a complete ‘plan of health’ tailored to every patient’s specific needs.

“If you’ve been feeling out of sorts and mainstream medicine isn’t helping, we can help you regain healthy balance in a different, more natural way. We take pride in providing a very high standard of individualized medical care so you feel nurtured and invigorated by the care and services we provide,” says Dr. Amanda Ward, N.D. who is the founder and director of Bloom Naturopathic Health. “I am a strong advocate and practitioner of naturopathic medicine – treating the root cause of an illness instead of only the symptoms. I focus on treating the ‘whole person’ and doing so using the philosophies of naturopathy.”

Every ‘Bloomie’ gets a treatment plan customized to match their individual needs. The Bloom staff does a full comprehensive consult on each new patient, examining every aspect of their health, and pride themselves on looking for what other healthcare professionals may have missed.  Since opening her practice in 2007, Dr. Ward has frequently and passionately expressed her thoughts on women’s health, hormone balancing, natural weight loss along with naturopathic medicine and all of its benefits.

Bloom Natural Health offers a menu of Nutritional Cocktail ‘Shots’ including the multiple B-Vitamin based or Skinny Shots™ as well as injectable micronutrient therapy formulations. Benefits include better sleep, libido, weight loss, energy, etc. “The best results and formulations are experienced when a micronutrient blood test is done to gauge exactly where a patient is deficient. I customize the shots based off those results so every patient gets my individual care and attention, and a custom treatment,” she shares.

If you’ve never tried them before then their Injectable Happy Hour™ from 2pm – 7pm on Wednesdays, when their signature Skinny Shot™ is 1/2 off regular price, is well worth a visit. Bloom Natural Health has found much success with their Nutritional Cocktail Blend Bar™ and the Bloom Mobile™ Naturopathic Medicine van. The pink Mercedes sprinter van travels to you for shot parties and mobile health care. Chances are you’ve seen the Bloom van at GoodOnYa Organic Cafe, Total Women Gym in Encinitas, Whole Foods in Del Mar, Choice Juicery in Carlsbad, and at local runs and surf contests as well as wellness fairs.

Bloom Natural Health also offers an alternative to standard anti-aging procedures called NOTOX. This anti-aging injection therapy was originally formulated in Italy and has been used in Europe for over 10 years. It utilizes highly specialized biologic medicine to treat fine lines and wrinkles, while its combination of natural substances has proven to be extremely effective in providing a gentle lift to the face and neck. The platelet rich plasma stimulates connective tissue, assists your body’s natural skin regeneration, stimulating connective tissue metabolism to improve overall tissue tone. A difference can be seen after the first treatment, but most noticeably after three months. The best part about it is that it is natural, safe and effective, plus there’s no downtime.

This holistic gem strives to bring you the best of the best, visit after visit. The most innovative technologies and approaches to living your best life, because after all, the Bloom philosophy is based on ‘Let Your Life Be Your Medicine™’ and truly is a ‘New Medicine for the 21st Century™.’