Pain Free Dentistry

Dr. Fitzpatrick at Forefront of
 Advanced Technology

Growing up, Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick DDS knew exactly what he wanted to pursue. “I had a super good visit to my dentist when I was two or three-years-old, and I told my parents – That’s what I want to do.”

Fast forward to May 2015 and he wanted to open his own practice, after having initially moved to San Diego in 1992, leaving and returning multiple times for dental school and assigned stations while working for the Navy. He soon found the perfect match – a particular Del Mar office whose doctor of 43 years was ready to retire.

Dr. Fitzpatrick, his wife Lisa, also a business owner, and three children moved to Del Mar and call the city home. “Soon as we moved, we immediately got involved in the community. It’s where we live, it’s where I work, it’s home. It means a ton for me to be able to know my patients, to see them walking around in town!”

One of the latest tools Dr. Fitzpatrick uses is the SOLEA laser. Replacing drills and anesthetics, the laser uses a light beam to swiftly and painlessly cut through tooth enamel and soft tissue. When the light hits enamel, it vaporizes a thin layer of the tooth structure. Because the light’s wavelength interferes with the nerve’s pain signals, it offers a pain-free experience for patients. The laser can be used for fillings, oral skin growth removal, and to aid severely tongue-tied patients.

Dr. Fitzpatrick believes many dentists will eventually adopt this technology and is excited to be at the forefront. Before he bought the laser, he did thorough research on the technology. “I’ve known about this laser for about four years so I definitely did my homework.” Despite its novelty, he believes it will continue to gain traction in dental offices. “I saw what was going on with the technology, and realized this is going to be something that a lot of folks are going to have two to three years from now.”

The painless laser has attracted many parents to his office, primarily through word-of-mouth. “It’s the mom who brought in her screaming 6-year-old who couldn’t be treated the last time because they had a bad reaction to the treatment, or they were so afraid of needles that they couldn’t bare to sit still and have the doctor use anesthesia.”

At his practice, Dr. Fitzpatrick takes a preventative approach, addressing issues before treatment is needed. Constantly researching cutting edge technology in dentistry, his unwavering passion for his profession shows in his rapport with his clients, new and old. “It’s a fun job, full of excitement and challenges. It is great to be able to help people become healthier.”