The Scent of Love 8

This Valentine’s Day, Make a Date with Tijon

Love is in the air. We can see it, hear it, touch it … even smell it. Science shows that scents trigger excitement, happiness, nostalgia and desire. The French have their own name for a woman’s scent when perfume is mingled with her body’s natural oils and pheromones: cassolette.

So what could be more romantic than creating a perfume or cologne that is as unique and unforgettable as your love this Valentine’s Day?

Step into the lab, at Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique in La Jolla, for a truly one-of-a-kind fragrance experience. This parfumerie is where scent meets science, and where the right blend of essential oils has the power to conjure up powerful feelings of love, evoke cherished memories, and flood the mind with treasured experiences.

It’s part high-tech science lab, part spa-quality pampering. Fragrance-making is a science, after all. But instead of plush robes, guests wear lab coats as trained “noses” (the industry’s term for olfactory experts) share their artistry and knowledge during the creative composition process.

Using beakers as their brushes, and a perfume organ—brimming with more than 300 oils—as their palette, guests are free to mix and match until they create the perfect perfume or cologne. They even christen their scent with a personalized name, and each hand-crafted fragrance is presented in a personally labeled, 55 mL glass bottle, complete with a velvet keepsake pouch.

Tijon offers several fragrance creation experiences, each of which can be fully customized based on individual tastes and preferences. Like a high-end cooking class or wine-tasting experience, guests can experiment for several hours, or let Tijon surprise them with a tailor-made scent. The choice is theirs! Here are a few of the more popular options:

  • Fragrance in a Flash: Tijon’s “noses” interview you, analyze your scent preferences and body chemistry, and create a custom scent in less than an hour. (Available Monday – Friday, walk-ins welcome—no lab coats required; $75 per person)
  • Mix & Match Class: Don a lab coat and break out the beakers. No experience required! Introductory 1.5-hour class offers three opportunities to mix and match oils to create the perfect perfume or cologne. Your favorite fragrance will go home with you—though you may decide you love them all. (Available Monday – Friday, reservations highly recommended; $125 per person)
  • Fragrance 101 Class: This 2.5-hour class allows you to dive more deeply into the art of fragrance creation. Session includes an unlimited number of beakers with ample opportunity to experiment. (Available Monday – Friday, reservations required; $195 per person)
  • Private Parties: Are you looking to celebrate an engagement or host a bridal shower? Custom “his and her” fragrances make extra-special wedding favors. Birthdays, corporate team-building events, and even children’s parties can also be arranged. (Call for more information and availability)

To celebrate their aromatic creations, guests conclude each session with a flute of fine champagne and a savory madeleine (as in authentic French cookies—no imitations). All fragrance recipes are safely stored in Tijon’s database and can be easily reordered. Love, after all, is meant to last forever!

For those in search of other unique, fragrance-themed Valentine’s Day gifts, Tijon also offers a custom line of handcrafted products, including body lotions, scented candles, fragrance necklaces, perfume atomizer writing pens, scented drawer liners and more. Gifts may be purchased online or in the boutique during normal business hours.

“At Tijon, we are all about the experience,” says Jovan Van Drielle, President & CEO. “We celebrate the uniqueness of every client, creating an experience as distinctive and special as they are.”