Language of Love 1

Love is probably one of the most powerful words in our vocabulary – and the most powerful emotion! It is so broad – so all encompassing yet has so many meanings. Love for family, friends, your passions and interests, your soulmate and, of course, love for community.

I’ll never forget the first time I came to Del Mar and experienced our breathtaking coastline views, the relaxed community beach vibe…We are truly blessed to be able live, work and play here! To this day, I still experience that strong feeling soaking in a sunset or just walking along Powerhouse Park. I am also loving the great growth in Carmel Valley with so many families that are proud to call the area home, world-class schools, great community-minded businesses and access to the best of San Diego in our backyard.

Recently, while enjoying dinner with friends in town at The Brigantine, and one of my favorite local views, we got to talking about how we express love differently. We had a very sparked and fun conversation on a book I read many years ago – The Five Love Languages. If you haven’t read it or haven’t done so in a while, I recommend it. Its power is in the simplicity of understanding how each of us expresses and receives love from others. The original book was intended for couples but since it was published, there have been many offshoots and the concept does apply to other relationships across all areas of your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can all share love and joy more freely with those that are most important to us in our lives?

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Dan Austin


ON THE COVER: See the romance unfold through our February bridal photo-feature on page xx! Photography Kylie Chevalier.