For the Love of Pizza 5

Fresh Brothers Pizza isn’t your run-of-the-mill pizzeria. They take their fresh ingredients seriously, topping their pies with preservative-free mozzarella and all-natural pepperoni. Their dough is made in one central Los Angeles location and distributed five days a week to all of their 18 locations to ensure consistent quality crust. And it isn’t just the ingredients that set them apart; Fresh Brothers was founded with family and community in mind.

“In November 2007, I ended a 15-year career working in the television industry as a photojournalist and director of photography to take on the adventure of starting our own business, which is now Fresh Brothers,” says Adam Goldberg, founder and CEO of Fresh Brothers Pizza. At the time, he and his wife, Debbie, had three-year-old boy/girl twins, and his long work hours didn’t allow him to see them often. “I knew something had to change if I was ever going to see my kids grow up.”

Today, Fresh Brothers has 18 locations throughout Southern California, with plans to expand to at least 25 more cities. “When we come into a community, we want to be part of it and show that we really care,” says Goldberg. “Pizza is a fantastic way to fundraise and support the communities that we are in, be that local schools, churches, temples, or charity organizations.”

During the opening of each restaurant, Fresh Brothers has what they call ‘Pay What You Want’ fundraising days. During that time, diners choose their price and all proceeds are donated to local schools. At their Carmel Valley restaurant, their first San Diego location, which opened in October 2016, they raised $7,250 in just one day. The earnings were distributed to Carmel Del Mar Elementary, Sage Canyon Elementary, and Ashley Falls Elementary. In 2016, they donated a total of $39,240 to local schools. And the fundraising doesn’t stop there. They often have giveback nights in which 20 percent of each bill is donated to a local sponsored group.

So why pizza? “For years, I would not eat pizza living in Los Angeles,” says Goldberg. “My wife would order from a local pizza shop that was average at best.” As a lover of pizza, salad, and chicken wings, he wanted to make what he loved, having grown up in Chicago eating pizza crafted by his oldest brother, Scott, who worked in the pizza business. When the Goldbergs initially started their business, they both agreed that they wanted to work with Scott’s high quality pizza recipes.

There is no shortage of pizza joints in San Diego, which makes the market competitive. But with Fresh Brothers, the high quality ingredients, top customer service, and active community involvement sets them apart. “We run our stores like fine dining restaurants,” says Goldberg. “Fresh Brothers’ friendly employees are handpicked from within the community to continue the family culture that we built from day one. So many times, when we add new products to our menu, it is because our customers make new suggestions to us.”

Fresh Brothers offers unique pizza choices, like their new bacon, lettuce, and tomato pizza. The crust is topped with a full layer of bacon, fresh lettuce and tomatoes are sprinkled on top after the pizza is cooked, and then drizzled with ranch dressing. Their menu is also inclusive to the health-conscious and those with dietary restrictions, featuring a build-your-own salad bar, baked chicken wings (never fried), and gluten-free and vegan options. They also bring back their signature matzah pizza every year, making Fresh Brothers a safe haven place for those who choose to not eat unleavened bread during the Jewish holiday of Passover. Fresh Brothers also holds special events, like their birthday party program for kids, who get to work on an arts and crafts project and build their own personal pizza.

“We believe once people try our pizza, that is when we win them over,” says Goldberg. “Because they taste the difference – the freshness of our product and the better ingredients.”