Super Food Fast 6

Elixir Juice Serves Fresh, Healthy & Wholesome in a Bottle or on a Plate

After 17 years establishing Americana as a Del Mar Village institution, owner Randy Gruber now introduces our community to Elixir, the new juice bar and health food venue he recently launched right next to his first restaurant.

“The space became available and was offered to me. It seemed like a good idea for a juice bar, considering the environment around here. You are in Southern California, people are healthy minded, they cycle, do yoga, work out, so it made sense. There isn’t really anything like it in the village.”

Elixir offers super food options, local and organic ingredients, and many more hot food preparations than you’d expect to find in a typical juicery. Following a hybrid model, Gruber offers vegan but also carnivore options, proteins that are not necessarily solely plant-based, ancient grain bowls, and more.

Also green and environmentally conscious, Elixir’s juice bottles can be returned after use. Customers get $1 back on their next purchase, building brand loyalty and repeat clientele within the community.

Additionally, Gruber mentions the focus on local. “We try to go local as much as possible. Our kombucha is from a local Oceanside company, the cold and hot coffee from a local small roaster, and our produce supplier sources locally as well. We buy quinoa bread and gluten-free baked goods from The Curious Fork in Via De La Valle. We are trying to support local businesses, and cater to not just the tourists in the area, who are a bonus, but also the people who live and work in the community year round, who are supportive of our business and want us to survive, prosper, do well.”

From concept to completion, Elixir took a year to bear fruit, including research, permits, construction and all the nitty-gritties involved with establishing a business. A well-rounded menu ensures there is something for everyone, whether you prefer gluten-free organic cheeses or their popular paninis.

The USP here is amazing made-to-order juices, smoothies and acai bowls as also the option to simply ‘grab-and-go’ or consider customizable options, experimenting with flavors and new menu ideas. Their almond milk is made in-house, on-site, every day, fresh for your next healthy drink.

Gruber, a Del Mar resident in addition to business owner, is hoping to expand on the concept in the future, possibly with another location. Although many other juiceries in the vicinity might already have contributed to local market saturation, he is optimistic. “Let’s see how it goes over the next few months. People will continue to be healthy, enjoy super foods, eat organic, want local, and are willing to pay more for those ingredients.”