Ultimate Man Cave Essentials 5

What You Need In Your Mantuary

Every man dreams of setting up the perfect man cave at home – a retreat to pursue recreational activities, to relax and explore hobbies, to hangout and watch a game together with friends…No matter your mantuary’s purpose, these man cave essentials will surely raise the bar.

1. Whiskey Stones

These all-natural soapstone whiskey stones preserve the intended flavor without diluting your drink. Simply leave them in the freezer for four hours and drop them in your glass for a pleasantly chilled libation. It’s the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Teroforma.com

2. Fleece Room Shoes

We spend most of our lives indoors, so why not make our home life even more comfortable. These fleece room shoes have a soft knit fleece exterior and a snug urethane foam interior for maximum comfort. Just perfect to lounge in style. Uniqlo.com

3. Compact Refrigerator

Any man cave must come equipped with a compact refrigerator to store food, snacks, and drinks. This double-door compact refrigerator enables you to adjust the temperature and keep things cooler in the freezer compartment. Keep your tasty treats on hand to fit any mood. Amazon.com

4. Poker Chip Set

Housed in a silver aluminum case, this poker chip set travels with you anywhere and has everything you need to have a great night. Whether you’re inviting your buddies over to engage in some Texas Hold ‘Em or you want to entertain the family, this set translates to endless hours of entertainment. Amazon.com

5. Turntable

Listening to your iPod is convenient, but the sound quality doesn’t hold a candle to vinyl records. Get your favorite audiophile the turntable they’ve always wanted. Not only does Sony’s first turntable appeal to a higher-end audio consumer, but it enables you to convert analog audio files into digital. Not to mention, its minimalistic aesthetic is super sleek and a welcome addition to any room. Sony.com

6. Portable LED Micro Projector

This inconspicuous portable projector projects high-definition picture against any backdrop, be it your man cave or outdoors. It offers superior colors during any time of day. Step your home theater game up with this HDMI-friendly movie projector. Amazon.com

Whether redecorating your home or planning a gift for Father’s Day (hint, hint), these creature comforts are great additions to any man cave!