Hey Dads and Dudes!

I so want to say welcome to summer and yes, in a few weeks, it will be that according to the calendar…but I think, in spirit and energy, it has already arrived. That’s the beauty of living here. Many people say we don’t have true seasons but I think we do – we almost have two seasons… ‘Almost Summer’ and ‘Summer’. There are possibly a few days of June gloom we may have ahead but there is plenty of sunshine, surf and beach fun in your future to look forward to.

This month, we wanted to salute some of the Men of Influence in our community. This is by no means every guy who is making a mark in the community but a few of the dudes that are shaping what is next for us. I hope you enjoy learning their story and sharing in their larger than life personalities as much as we did.

Father’s Day is coming up, and while we featured some great spots to celebrate mom in town last month, see what the men in your life want to enjoy this month and take the day to make it happen. I still remember golf with my dad who started my passion for the game and just enjoying a good evening fire out with family. I thank my dad every day for a work hard, play hard attitude!

This year, I’m looking forward to seeing the summer through the eyes of my son Sam. He is quite the little man already with his passion for aviation and sea life. Bringing his creative ideas to life will provide lifelong learning for him and a lifetime of opportunities for teaching, support and appreciation for me.

Hope you find some great ideas in this issue for celebrating the men in your life, and will share your memories with us on our social media channels below.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you around town this summer!

Dan Austin, Publisher


ON THE COVER: Some of our community members joined us for heart to heart chats over libations for this month’s Men’s special. See who in our feature story spread! Photography by Gary Kasl