Men of Del Mar 3

Del Mar is a city with a small-town vibe and we confirmed what we knew, that the businesses and people are here because of the sense of community and the kind nature of its residents. When you see these men around town, perhaps offer them their favorite drink and convivial conversation will ensue. That’s what we discovered when we wanted to know more about the men of Del Mar. Of course, ambiance and libations at the iconic L’Auberge Living Room were an integral part of the evening. After all, you can tell a lot about a man by the beverage he drinks.

Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick, DDS

Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA

Dr. Kevin Fitzpatrick’s dental practice is nestled in the heart of the village on Camino Del Mar and it isn’t by chance. He calls Del Mar home, not only because of the friendly people, but for the safe, quaint, casual yet fashionably unassuming nature of the beach town that has retained its small-town feel. Kevin strives to make every day the best possible day and believes in having fun and respecting everyone. “I try to make others’ lives better.”

Blakely Johnson

Johnny Walker Black on the Rocks

Blakely “Blake” Johnson is the Development Director for the Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito. He thinks that you need to pay attention to opportunities and to where life takes you. Blake believes that being in nonprofit management and working in youth services is one of the most rewarding and interesting things you can do. “I am paid in smiles and hugs here in Del Mar – home to the most laid back and generous people you can be around.”

Ryan Taylor 
General Manager

Don Julio Blanco on the Rocks

Ryan Taylor, General Manager of The Tasting Room Del Mar, has a simple recipe for success and that is to know your product to be able to answer any question about it and to know your competition. He came to Del Mar because of the people, who have big hearts but he stays for “the beach and the view.”

David Taylor

2013 Sonoma Caspase Shiraz

“What’s not to love about Del Mar? You have the coast, upscale yet casual feel, the people are awesome and dogs on the beach and sidewalks; the fair and track put a smile on your face.” David Taylor, owner and co-founder of The Tasting Room Del Mar, believes in working harder than and being as smart as your competition. Innovation and constant change are the keys to making the experience unique for your customers each time.

Dr. Jake Hollingsworth, DO

Ale Smith San Diego Pale Ale .394

Dr. Jake Hollingsworth is a psychiatrist, founder and president of Ketamine for Life. He is a fan of the podcast How I Built This which is told in the words of innovators, CEOs, and entrepreneurs giving insight into their journeys, proven successes, triumphs and failures. Oftentimes, when someone is told that it’s not a good idea, there may be a great idea in there and, by removing the safety net, one is forced to try harder.

Terry Buchholz

Loire Valley Sancerre

Terry Buchholz, General Manager L’Auberge Del Mar, believes you will find success if you treat everyone like a leader. He owes his successes to knowing his weaknesses and surrounding himself with colleagues that complement those weaknesses. “I live by the 5 by 5 rule: If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.”

Shawn Evans

Orin Swift Papillon Cabernet

Shawn Evans, General Manager, Porsche of San Diego, has found that he is most successful when he is invested in the success of those with whom he works. “At a certain point, success comes from creating success for others.” For him, the weather and lifestyle in Del Mar and San Diego are hard to beat, “There is so much to do!.”

Dan Austin

Grey Goose and Ginger Ale

Dan Austin, Publisher of Del Mar Lifestyle, has had the most success when he has a persistent vision and surrounds himself with those who share that same vision. “Del Mar is a tight knit community with a slice of heaven – the beach, the view, the weather and the warmth of the people here.”

David Perez

Spring Water with Lemon

David Perez, Owner and Master Hair Stylist at David Perez Salon, is passionate about making clients extremely happy by helping them feel beautiful and confident. Not only does David attribute his success to knowing hair, but he knows hair products as well. Having that knowledge plus over 25 years of experience puts him ahead of his competition. He relocated to Del Mar from La Jolla because he was “sold by the view.”

Dr. Chris McHugh

Jim Beam Black Old Fashioned

Dr. Chris McHugh, Chiropractor and Co-owner of Riverpath Chiropractic, grew up in Del Mar and knows it well. He stayed on and chose to raise his family and start his practice here because he knows it well and likes the small town vibe. “People knew my grandfather and they know my father and now I am part of the community.” Chris has a vision and passion for infant and children’s health without drugs and surgery. He is driven to see the world healthier.

Dr. Bob Uslander

Belvedere on the Rocks with a Twist & Olives

“I am in one of the most beautiful places where people come to visit from all over the world and I feel gratitude for that. Both my home and office overlook the lagoon and this iconic view changes daily.” Dr. Bob Uslander, Medical Director & Founder of Integrated MD Care, is inspired by the ocean and being in the environment. His keys to success are simple, yet profound: know your values and live your life fully.