Seize the Moment 6

A Better Way to a Better Bike

Southern California is widely recognized as a bike-riding mecca for amateur cyclists, recreational riders and elite racers alike. So it is no surprise that one of the most acclaimed bike stores in the country is located right here in Carmel Valley – Moment Bicycles, which recently followed up its success in Liberty Station with a second location in Pacific Highlands Ranch.

Moment Bicycles is a full service retailer offering sales, bicycle repair and rentals. Ten years ago, mechanical engineer and founder JT Lyons developed a unique technology-driven bike selection process called “The Better Way To Buy a Bike”. Moment Bicycles has been creating happy cyclists ever since.

“Choosing the right bicycle for each individual is an incredibly important decision,” explains Lyons. “We use a fit bike to methodically uncover every client’s preferred position and ensure biomechanical efficiency and comfort. From novice riders and weekend warriors to Olympians, the process helps cyclists optimize their ride while decreasing the chance of injury.”

Moment Bicycles offers three levels of the process: Good (1 hour/$125), Better (2 hours/$275) and Best (3 hours, 30 minutes/$425). Most of these fees are later applied to the purchase of any new bicycle. The process is extremely personalized, so appointments in advance are recommended, either online or by calling the store directly.

One of Moment’s “Bicycle Engineers” will personally welcome you to their new showroom space in Carmel Valley for your appointment. You can enjoy a tour of the store and a plethora of all things bike, but the real magic happens when you enter the fit studio. Assessing your specific needs and wants, lifestyle and bike riding habits, a “Bicycle Engineer” will analyze your measurements and movements before starting the process on the fit bike.

The experience is extensive, interactive and highly scientific. Moment Bicycles’ secret sauce is their unique process, including a highly sophisticated stationary bike (well, robot, really) that analyzes and optimizes all five contact points for everyday riders, seven contact points if you are a triathlete. Saddle height, bar position, cleat optimization, analysis of pedaling balance and alignment—this assessment has it all (they even use lasers!). In fact, every movement is tracked, like something you would see behind-the-scenes during the filming of an action movie. You’ll watch your body’s position synchronized using proprietary CAD software on a monitor, where the ideal bike is virtually configured and built just for you. The “Bicycle Engineer” works with data gleaned from the fitting, your riding style and budget to recommend the ideal bike and any customizations needed.

The Better Way to Buy a Bicycle, involves three steps:

  1. OPTIMIZE: Moment Bicycles starts with a biomechanical assessment called ‘position optimization’. The rider is put on a ‘robot’ and works with a bike fitter who optimizes the rider’s position based on his/her needs.
  2. SYNCHRONIZE: Moment staff virtually configures and builds the bike for the rider using proprietary software. Bikes are matched to riders, graphically leading to the best choice possible for a particular riders position.
  3. CUSTOMIZE: Each bike is built to match each rider, which is TOTALLY different from every other bike shop in the country. With the right fit assured, the rider is more comfortable, confident and powerful on their bike.

Moment Bicycles carries the world’s leading bicycle brands, including Specialized, Giant, Cervelo, BMC, Liv, Felt, and Parlee. However, as Lyons explains, whether you are looking for a road, mountain, triathlon or simple hybrid bike, each model and brand performs differently for different people.

“Different bikes and different brands not only serve different needs, but also have different geometry, proportions and fit,” Lyons says. “Bicycling is a repetitive activity, and one that requires a significant amount of time with your body interfacing with a fixed machine. Finding the right bike that will accommodate your best position is essential to not only maximize performance and comfort, but to minimize injury as well.”

Visit Moment Bicycles today to get your next adventure off on the right pedal, thanks to a unique process that matches you, with precision, to the bike of your dreams. After all, it is…The Better Way to Buy a Bicycle.