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Premier Medical Weight Loss

In April, Solana Beach welcomed Premier Medical Weight Loss, the newest site for a branch of highly effective weight loss clinics. Effective weight loss can often be a tortuous and challenging process, full of crash diets and streams of relapses. However, Premier demonstrates that shedding excessive pounds and achieving a healthier lifestyle does not need to be one painful failure after the next. Here, treatment plans build off the foundation that each individual possesses a unique set of biological factors and biochemical interactions, which ultimately shape his or her metabolism. Therefore, a one-for-all approach proves to be fruitless. Instead, programs are catered to match each patient’s unique composition. Customized programs include services such as metabolism boosting and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) injections, nutrition counseling, appetite control medication, and complete or modified meal replacement plans.

Dr. Richard Mantell, Owner and Medical Director of Premier, created the first branch of the clinic in San Juan Capistrano in 2015. Working in an ER, Dr. Mantell witnessed countless individuals with chronic diseases continually struggling to maintain a healthy weight. He recognized several substantial flaws in the traditional approach to such diseases, deciding to design a medical facility providing patients the necessary tools and knowledge needed to tackle effective weight loss. The San Juan Capistrano location has yielded numerous success stories since its establishment, one in particular behind the inspiration for this new location here.

Alain Gazaui is the head of operations at Premier, and serves as a living testimony for the efficacy of the catered treatment plans. An experienced medical practice manager beginning his career at an orthopedic practice shortly after graduating from USC, Gazaui himself was 50 pounds overweight in his 30s. “I did so well on the diet that I lost 60 pounds. This changed my life and started me down a new healthy lifestyle path.” Following his transformation, Dr. Mantell approached Gazaui to discuss running the new center’s operations. Gazaui eagerly accepted, noting his “experience and weight loss success story combined with Dr. Mantell’s weight loss programs, [was] a great fit.”

With summer here, Gazaui offers some exemplary weight loss guidance in preparation for warm days and cool clothes. The first piece of advice – visit the center to begin one of the Fast Weight Loss programs.. This, combined with lifestyle management and various essential vitamin injections, sets individuals up for faster and more effective results. “If you are like me, then you love sugary drinks during summer. Pina coladas, margaritas, daiquiris… I will drink them all. Be cognizant of your sugar intake,” Gazaui advises. Sugar is extremely dense with calories, often leading to excessive intake, which the body stores as fat. He also recommended staying adequately hydrated. “Water helps you boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste and act as an appetite suppressant.” Ultimately, in order to attain the desired swimsuit body, limit sugar intake, stay hydrated and visit Premier Medical Weight Loss for personalized care.

Overall, Premier Medical Weight Loss strives to better their patients’ wellbeing through compassion and understanding. By acknowledging the difficulties of food management, and through careful consideration of corpulence as a medical condition, the highly esteemed team is able to construct lifestyle modifications that not only lead to the initial weight loss but further sustain the ideal body weight in the long-term.