Favorite Things 6

David Ellenstein | Artistic Director | North Coast Repertory Theatre

Born into a theatrical family, Ellenstein worked in theatres across the country, including as Artistic Director for the Los Angeles Repertory Company before joining North Coast Rep in 2003. He is a veteran of over 250 theatrical productions, and has also been guest faculty for numerous universities including Cal Arts. He lives in Del Mar with his beautiful wife Denise and their amazing sons Jamie and Will. NorthCoastRep.org

Playwrights – Shakespeare and Shaw

Beverage – Coffee, especially dark roast ground at home

Party game – Poker

Qualities – Kindness, Passion, Romance, Intelligence

Local spot – North Coast Rep (Season 36 kicks off September 6th!)

Game to watch – Basketball

Professional sports team – The Lakers

Meal – Fresh lobster at J’s in Portland Maine

Local restaurant – The Market

Quote – “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said.”