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San Diego Eyelid Specialists’ Dr. Srinivas Iyengar

While most people are familiar with eye doctors, the specific tasks of an eyelid specialist remain fairly unknown. San Diego Eyelid Specialists’ Dr. Srinivas Iyengar is an internationally established Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon originally from San Diego, now serving his native community. Dr. Iyengar and his team channel their focus on cosmetic and reconstructive procedures exclusively for the eyelid. “Anyone considering cosmetic eyelid surgery that wants someone with the highest level of training should come visit us,” Dr. Iyengar shares.

Services and procedures routinely practiced by SD Eye Specialists include a long list of oculoplastic surgeries, including bleropharoplasty (improves appearance and visual disturbance by removing skin and reshaping fat on the upper eyelid), ptosis surgery (tightens muscles and raises eyelid), and ectropion and entropion repair (corrects eyelids turning outward or inward, respectively).

They also perform numerous other procedures, such as reconstructive surgeries for individuals who recently experienced tumor removals. Understanding the critical care necessary for operations surrounding such a vital organ, Dr. Iyengar says, “Any eyelid surgery can directly impact your eye and vision and it’s important to have someone that takes extra caution and safety with the eye.”

As the premier destination for eyelid-related concerns, Dr. Iyengar attributes the clinic’s high reputability to the level of care granted to each patient. From ensuring maximum comfort to utilizing the most current ideology and skillset, he shares, “Safety is the most important thing. Our contemporary approach preserves the muscle responsible for eyelid closure, so it’s a more natural appearing result.”

Due to the combination of unrivaled experience and exceptional care, SD Eyelid Specialists frequently sees other healthcare professionals throughout the area – a true testimony to their undeniable prowess. Plastic surgeons, nurses and others possessing the greatest comprehension of the field entrust Dr. Iyengar with their eyelid consultations.

As an eyelid specialist, Dr. Iyengar is 1 of only 400 Oculoplastic Surgeons in the country and the preeminent specialist in San Diego. He graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Colorado, completing his residency at the University of Kansas where he was distinguished as a Paul Kayser International Scholar by the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology. He was further celebrated for earning the highest in-training exam scores. Since then, Dr. Iyengar has embarked on numerous international endeavors in which he has either taught or volunteered his unique skill set.

Returning to his roots, Dr. Iyengar works at SD Eyelid Specialists but also remains an active member of Scripps Mercy Physician Partners, providing his services to multiple Scripps Hospitals. “[It] was a lifetime dream to come back home, and to have your old teachers trust you with your lids as a surgeon is pretty remarkable,” Dr. Iyengar says. He was additionally trusted as the principal eyelid specialist by the San Diego Chargers, and is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Opthalmology.

Dr. Iyengar runs a free clinic downtown and is the only Oculoplastic surgeon to be a part of both Scripps and UCSD medical organizations. He was recognized as Volunteer Faculty Member of the Year in 2016, complementing his extensive list of noteworthy awards. His global perspective is a unique asset to the mission of SD Eyelid Specialists – to provide the highest level of eyelid surgery and the best overall experience in the San Diego area.