Have Stubborn Pounds to Lose? 2

Obalon May Be Your Answer

Ever wish you could just swallow a pill and lose weight? Well, for those struggling with shedding pounds, it’s a fantasy no more. And it’s right here in Del Mar. Esthetica of San Diego has introduced the FDA-approved Obalon Balloon System, which is one of the latest technology breakthroughs in weight loss – there’s no other weight loss system of its kind out there.

“It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss procedure that people achieve significant weight loss with,” says Esthetica owner Dr. Wael Kouli, MD, who is double board-certified in cosmetic surgery and general surgery.

Dr. Kouli has run his Del Mar practice since he moved here five years ago and considers himself “an artist in profession and in heart.” He has been practicing for 15 years, and weight loss is just one of his specialties. He has a comprehensive practice that performs all kinds of cosmetic procedures from body contouring and mommy makeovers to breast enhancement, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

When it comes to weight loss, Dr. Kouli has done it all, including gastric bypass surgery and lap bands. “This procedure is by far much simpler, less complicated, non-surgical, and non-invasive,” he shares. “You don’t cut any part of your stomach out, you don’t put the patient in a risk of losing any organs. So it’s a very simple and straightforward procedure.”

Based on the number of Obalon balloons he has placed and the number of patients he has served, he is one of the most experienced physicians in the U.S. in placing balloons. On average, patients lost about 30 pounds from the treatment.

In order to get the procedure, you have to be at least 22-years-old, have a BMI of 30-40, and have never had a weight loss surgery. You’ll get a free consultation and dietary, lifestyle, and medical assessments with a physician. Once they ensure you meet the requirements, you can start the procedure. It only takes about 15 minutes; you swallow a capsule, which gets inflated with gas.

“The nice thing about it is that people can come and get it during their normal day activities, so you don’t need to have a day off work, and people can resume their activities right away,” says Dr. Kouli. They’ll place up to three balloons with a two to three-week period between each balloon, and remove them after six months.

So how does it work? The balloons take up space in your stomach, which decreases your appetite so you’re able to eat less. For the next six months, you’ll also follow a comprehensive diet and exercise program to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals. And after those six months, the balloons are retrieved out of your stomach in about 15 minutes with a scope – all while you’re under light sedation.

“Obesity is one of the fatal diseases in the U.S. that we don’t know how to deal with,” says Dr. Kouli. He notes that the Obalon procedure is meant to jump-start your weight loss journey; to keep the weight off, you’ll have to make changes to your lifestyle. That’s why Dr. Kouli’s team has patients follow a supervised nutrition and exercise program during the treatment, and six months after.

“When I got introduced to weight loss surgery, I saw how we can help people a lot with their lifestyle when they lose their pounds,” says Dr. Kouli. “This new technique really makes the obesity fight much easier.”  EstheticaSanDiego.com