Just Food for Dogs 2

The old saying goes that a dog is man’s best friend. You take care of yourself by eating whole foods that are healthy for your body. Why would you not feed your furry best friend the same nutritious foods? Coming to the Del Mar Highlands Center is the highly anticipated Just Food For Dogs, where the main goal is to increase the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible through a balanced, whole food diet.

JFFD makes daily food for healthy dogs and cats, a line of prescription food for dogs with specific illnesses and custom formulations for sick dogs and cats. They are the first company in the pet food industry to conduct and use scientific research from a major university on freshly prepared, whole food diets using human grade ingredients. All products are cooked fresh, packaged frozen and available for will call, shipping and delivery to your door.

Originally based in Los Angeles, JFFD will open its doors to the San Diego community with this new location. The company began when founder Shawn Buckley was investigating the ingredients in the pet food he was feeding his dogs, which led him to American Associations of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). He was shocked by the toxic ingredients found. The ‘ingredients’ (i.e. poultry feces) are not chosen for any other reason than their extremely low price. Just dog and cat food in the U.S. is a $21 billion market and the majority of that is controlled by a handful of multinational corporations that have by-products they want to discard at profit.

“Our daily meals are made every day, seven days a week, in each of our kitchens. All have been proven healthy via feeding trials (very rare and not required in our industry) and we are the only diet in the country shown to boost the immune system in dogs (one year published research),” says Buckley. “We are the only company in the country offering a line of prescription diets made from whole food. We also offer custom formulations for sick dogs, usually from blood work and other data and always in connection with the primary care vet. We have eight specially trained veterinarians on staff, including our Chief Medical Officer who is a professor in Clinical Canine Nutrition.”

All JFFD food uses ingredients that are 100 percent certified for human consumption by the USDA and has no added preservatives. JFFD works directly with veterinarians and has successfully addressed the variety of diseases through its line of prescription food as well as obesity and digestive disorders. The product line includes six balanced recipes, eight remedy recipes, nine treats, five supplements, rotating monthly specials and five DIY custom formulations.

When asked what is the best advice you can give to a dog owner regarding their dog’s diet, Buckley says, “JFFD is proven to be as healthy a food as you can feed your four-legged family members. We are the only  pet food company in the country that gives our recipes away for free… don’t want to buy from us? No problem, make our recipes at home. The recipes can be found on our website and we have free cooking classes at our kitchens! Stop feeding your pets that highly processed junk – you treat them like family so feed them like family.” JustFoodForDogs.com