At the Crest 2

Surfer Spotlight : Jeffrey Baldwin

We caught up with community member and surfing superstar Jeffrey Baldwin on his plans for 2018 and a few other topics of interest!

How did your love for surfing begin?

It began with my father pushing me into waves at the age of 2 in Dana Point. Then growing up on the beach in Del Mar always being in the ocean and loving the sensation and freedom riding waves brought me. It was just a natural progression from body surfing to boogey boarding to surfing…and having the influence of skateboarding and skating all the time. The two sports went hand in hand.

Your all-time favorite memory/achievement?

That’s a tough one! Pretty much every time I boarded a plane to fly around the world to surf my dreams. Spending so much time all over the planet and being blessed to surf all these iconic spots was perfect. Looking back – the best achievement has been making life long family friends all over the globe that I’m still close to. Being able to have experienced and still experience cultures abroad, politics, how people in other places live. Quite an incredible journey.

Favorite surfing spots? 

Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca, Mexico. Hossegor in southwestern France. Anywhere in the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Sumatra. Cloud Break in Fiji and all of Australia.

Favorite boards? 

My entire quiver from JS Industries (high performance short boards). My original Lotus Fish by Xanadu. My Maurice Cole guns and innovative crafts. But I love riding everything now – surfing is moving in many amazing directions. I ride SUPs a lot and have for 10 years. What ever I can do to be riding the right boards on the right day.

Favorite local surf spots? Blacks, Del Mar Rivermouth, Seaside, Swamis, Sunset Cliffs.

New local talent you have your sights on? The Marshall brothers, Rylan Reuben. We have a hot bed of young kids ripping locally, both boys and girls.

What do you love most about living in Del Mar?

The beauty of the Torrey Pines trees that cover our hills and canyons, the rustic nature that is always so alive and powerful, white sandy beach that is second to none in San Diego. My community and life long friends. My parents being close to me.

Hangouts you frequent locally? Zel’s, Del Mar Pizza, En Fuego, Brigantine. Being able to hang at the DM Plaza for sunsets is really special.

Your current interests, surfing and otherwise? 

I’m all over the map! First and foremost, my three daughters. But I’m just an outdoor junky. Cycling, hiking our canyons, long distance paddling on my 12 ft. bark prone board and SUP. I lead bootcamps on the beach for groups, watching people transform and/or get the results they’ve been wanting, shifting how they live daily because of feeling better has been very inspirational over the last few years. On the home front, I cook a lot and love being in the kitchen.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

My kids being prosperous in everything they do. My friends and family living healthy, motivated and inspired lives. Me actualizing my dreams anew.