Walk into Mint Studio at the Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch and you are instantly aware of the creativity that happens in this space, you can feel it in the air. Decorative moldings on the walls and bright velvet upholstered chairs greet you along with a ‘selfie-wall’ featuring large, white, paper flowers – made at a previous workshop.

But what really gets your attention are the long, white tables in the center of the studio, generally filled with project components and people gathered to create, often times to celebrate, and certainly to feel inspired. This is a creative collective where anyone can walk in and make one of the many projects offered or join a workshop that brings a local artisan into the space to teach a skill like brush lettering, candle making or perhaps modern calligraphy.

The brainchild of Jayme Sanders, the space is every maker’s dream studio and retail space rolled into one. Create, Inspire, Gather is the tagline Sanders gave the studio and it lives up to the phrase.

It is here that she instills a sense of community through workshops, classes and parties. And at Mint Studio you will certainly be inspired whether you walk in to make a macrame wall-hanging, brush up on your knitting or join a workshop to make personalized wooden charcuterie boards or learn how to blend teas. With Mint Studio, the mission is to “cultivate an inspired life through creating, connecting and celebrating life’s special moments.”

Here we share a popular Mint Studio workshop: hand pouring soy-wax candles with Craft + Foster


4 oz glass jars (4-5)

Pre-tabbed wicks (for 4 oz jars)

Double-sided wick stickers

1 lb soy way flakes

1 oz candle fragrance oil

1 aluminum pouring pot

1 electronic kitchen thermometer

Wooden Clothespins

Metal stirring spoons


1. Put 1 lb of soy wax flakes into pouring pot. Then create a double boiler by placing pouring pot into a large stock-pot filled 3-4″ with water. Turn heat to medium and begin melting the wax flakes. Stir wax often with a metal spoon.

2. While the wax is melting, place double-sided wick stickers to metal tab of wicks, then remove the sticker covers and secure wicks to inside bottom of jars.

3. When the wax is completely melted, remove to a heat-proof surface and let cool to 155-160 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Once wax cools, add 1 oz of fragrance oil to the wax in pouring pot and stir continuously for at least one minute to make sure scent is completely incorporated.

5. Wait for the wax/oil mixture to cool to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Then carefully pour the wax/oil mixture into the prepared candle jar, being careful not to fill past the top seam of the jar. Repeat for all prepared jars.

6. Center wicks and secure each wick with a clothespin to cool to a milky color.


Refrain from moving the jars as the wax solidifies.

Once candles have cured for 24 hours, trim wicks to 1/4 inch. Optional: add the corresponding lid.

Allow 3-4 days for candles to fully cure before lighting.

Always trim wicks to 1/4 inch before burning as it will keep candle burning longer and cleaner.

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