The Baked Bear Carmel Valley

If you’re craving ice cream and feeling adventurously indulgent, you’ll want to stop by The Baked Bear. It isn’t your typical ice cream shop though. They create custom ice cream sandwiches and the signature offering features ice cream encased by two freshly baked cookies, which can be rolled in your topping of choice!

Try their featured cookie of the month or create your own, selecting from their various cookie and ice cream options. Or opt for the fan favorite, known as the “combo-which”: a chocolate chip cookie on top and brownie on the bottom. “It’s the best of both worlds — that’s what I always recommend,” says Daniel Arabi, owner of two Baked Bear locations.

The Baked Bear franchise was founded by San Diego locals Rob Robbins and Shane Stanger. They offered Arabi and his business partner the La Costa location early 2017, which was the second Baked Bear location to open. Then they took over the new Carmel Valley location June 2017.

Since they first started running the two shops, Arabi and his team have made it a point to get involved in the community, especially in schools. Arabi has visited Torrey Pines high school’s marketing and business classes and talked about his experience with business. The most notable way they give back is through their partnerships with local elementary, middle and high schools, selling their signature ice cream sandwiches at different events like sports games, carnivals, graduations, fundraisers, silent auctions, and prom night. “We wanted to partner with schools,” says Arabi. “We always donate 20 percent of our growth sales. It’s our way of giving back.”

And it doesn’t stop there. The Baked Bear also donates sweet treats for different events, such as a local Boys & Girls Club event that provided gifts for 200-250 underprivileged kids in December 2017. “We supplied a cookie decorating station,” says Arabi. “We donated toppings, glaze, and different types of cookies. The kids came in and chose their cookie and toppings, and got to decorate it the way they wanted.”

The goal for Arabi and team is to continue partnering with more schools — with colleges now on their radar — and to become more ingrained overall with San Diego communities. This May, The Baked Bear will make an appearance at Fiesta Del Sol in Solana Beach, which is a large community weekend event featuring food and clothing vendors.

The Baked Bear also comes to you – they offer catering services for events like weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, etc. “We can go anywhere,” says Arabi. “We set up inside or outside. Any event – casual or formal – we do it. And everyone loves it. I think that’s the cool part, there is no event where we wouldn’t be a good fit.”

Their vision is to become the community’s go-to ice cream shop that kids grow up with. “It’s that ice cream shop you remember going with your family on the weekends and having a good time,” says Arabi. “The store is always involved in the community, giving that welcoming vibe — that’s what we’re all about.”