Since 2002, designer Tracy Lynn has treated her clients to a creativity, collaboration, and vision that is unmatched in the interior design industry. Her singular vision guided the interior design of her own home that first year. The result created so much buzz that she soon had more work than she could handle on her own. Tracy Lynn has spent her career designing spaces for her clients and building a company of like-minded design experts. Today, that natural vision has grown from a team of one to over 15. Her designs have been celebrated because of their unwavering inspiration: the people who live in the home. In the process, her studio has become a leader in the world of interior design and a model for thriving businesses.

Tracy Lynn Studio cultivates beautiful, functional spaces, excelling in both commercial and residential design. The boutique studio is skilled at marrying the interior and exterior of a space, creating a true sense of cohesion that radiates throughout every aspect of the design. The Studio’s knowledge of best practices and current trends coupled with their collaborative style, artistry and strong process make them the go-to design resource.

One green design trend is the use of living walls or vertical gardens. Not only does this feature add depth, dimension and color to a bare wall, but brings the health benefits of plants indoors. These living tapestries, once installed are relatively easy to maintain, especially if succulents are incorporated into the design. Vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens, taking advantage of layers, texture, contrast, color and blooming. They also add a unique element to any space! Tracy Lynn Studio partners up with The Succulent Situation, which provides unique succulent arrangements, to build the vertical succulent wall. Through the collaboration, the Studio and The Succulent Situation come together to create a beautiful, statement piece for any home or space.