Fruitful Advice from a Celebrated Del Mar Fertility Doc

Dr. Wendy Shelly was in her obstetrics and gynecology residency when she realized that working with fertility patients suited her.

“I loved that it provided the opportunity to really share a deep bond with patients… in helping them build a family, they became family to me,” she says.

In 2011, Dr. Shelly moved to town and started working with individuals and couples who wanted to grow their families. Three years later she was named the city’s top doctor by San Diego Magazine.

Today, Dr. Shelly practices at Fertility Specialists Medical Group in San Diego and lives in Del Mar with her husband and children.

Del Mar Lifestyle sat down with Dr. Shelly and learned five things you should do if you’re concerned about fertility.

1. Understand that infertility is common.
According to Dr. Shelly, it can be difficult to accept that your body is not cooperating.

“I think logically, we all feel as though we should be able to have children if we want them. But that’s not always the case,” she says. “Learning just how many others are in the same boat—about 1 in 8 couples face infertility—can help.”

2. Tell your friends.

“We don’t talk about [infertility] in public settings, which leads to isolation and strain,” says Dr. Shelly, who encourages patients to open up to friends and family about their journey.

3. See a doctor.
While Dr. Shelly acknowledges that many have a fear of talking to a doctor about infertility, she still advises couples to get their information straight from a doc.

“The goal of our practice is to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art reproductive, endocrine and fertility care in a supportive, friendly and efficient environment,” she says.

4. Learn the mechanics.
Dr. Shelly educates her patients on fertility basics: egg, sperm and the moving parts of pregnancy.

“My first goal is education. I find many people don’t talk about fertility. By helping them to understand what we want to evaluate, why it is important and how we will do it, I can help them with the anxiety of the unknown.”

5. Have a goal, not a game plan.
Many of Dr. Shelly’s patients find, after a relatively simple evaluation, that there are solutions to their infertility that involve minimal intervention. She wants them to feel supported, understood and confident in their decisions.

“Every journey is unique,” she says. “It is important for me to have my patients know that their doctor is involved in their care and focused on helping them achieve their goals—even if we get there in a different way than they might have originally planned.”

Dr. Shelly is proud to have recently joined the Del Mar Women’s Giving Collective. It is an organization of Del Mar women who hope to have a greater impact on the social need of the San Diego community through pooled giving. 

Outside of helping families, she expressed that family time is key for her. Since she works longer hours, she really treasures the time she has with her husband and kids. Whether they are at the beach with a pizza for dinner, paddle boarding, or playing a card game, she loves the time they share together.

“I love the beach lifestyle. Being by the water is what my family and I love the most. We love our Del Mar community and how tight-knit it is.” she says.


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