5 Things Caden Loves about New Zealand

Del Mar student, Caden,11 known as a big ball of energy, made his wish to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for a trip of a lifetime, New Zealand! He and his family went to New Zealand in February 2018 and he got to do everything on his bucket list. Here are his Top Five favorite things about his trip.

1. Fishing – We caught lots of fish, mostly red snapper. We caught another fish that we used for bait. We got back and they filleted the fish, some huge rays ate the pieces of fish we threw back in the water.

2. Kayaking in Doubtful Sound – We were so far away and got to spend the night on the boat. We went kayaking in the cold misty water. We saw dolphins and seals and went all the way to the Tasman Sea.

3. Glow worm caves – We got to ride in a boat through the caves and learned about our night vision. Once our eyes adjusted we saw millions of glow worms in the caves.

4. Shotover Jet –  The Shotover Jet is like a big jet ski. We went so fast in really shallow water, did 360’s, and went so close to the rocks on the sides of the cliffs. It was really exciting and we did it twice!

5. Hobbiton – It looks just like it does in the movies! We saw where Bilbo lives, where he had his birthday party, and how they had to make smaller versions of the hobbit holes so Gandalf would look bigger.