Designer Reine Krief Turns a Hobby into a Creative Passion Handcrafting Original Products and Custom Jewelry

One of a kind. Those words have never been truer than when talking about BijouRocks by Reine Krief and Reine Krief Leather and Accessories. BijouRocks, located in quaint coastal Solana Beach within Bella Sareena Spa, is a unique boutique that specializes in handmade jewelry and handbags. Creating new pieces and repurposing antique pieces has been a lifelong passion for designer Reine Krief.

“I have been interested in, started collecting and using vintage jewelry pieces as a hobby since I was a teenager,” she says. “I love the history aspect of vintage or antique pieces and the stories they could tell and the fact that they are given new life in my designs. I suppose growing up, studying and working in the fashion industry prepared me for where I am today.”

It is also true that big things come from small beginnings, Reine began by showing and selling pieces online, at select events and trunk shows. Reine’s boutique, BijouRocks, originated as a trial at Bella Sareena Spa with only a single glass case featuring pieces of her custom-made jewelry. That glass case, which was put in place in September 2016, has since blossomed into an inspiring artisan’s boutique that features Reine Krief’s custom-made jewelry and accessories; a collection of handbags imported from Italy that have been designed by Reine herself; and hand-crafted scarves woven from imported cotton, linen, silk and cashmere.

Perhaps what Reine takes the most pride in is working closely with customers to craft jewelry and accessories. Reine will collaborate with customers to imagine and realize one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings, among other pieces.

“I soon realized customers loved the unique styles and the one-on-one attention I could give them, especially when they found out I could customize the jewelry they saw in my shop or custom-make just about anything they could want that I didn’t have available,” she says.

Reine and her boutique will continue to evolve and grow.

“I am currently working on and hope to present my new wholesale Reine Krief leather collections to buyers on the market for originality and personality with a focus on creativity. I am hoping to continue building both BijouRocks and Reine Krief brands and expand to other markets like Orange County, LA and San Francisco before attempting the East Coast.”

Whether you’re seeking an original piece of jewelry, having an antique or heirloom repurposed, looking for a unique bridal piece or a Reine Krief-designed handbag, artisan and designer Reine Krief looks forward to collaborating and creating with you.

128 E. Cliff St., Solana Beach, California,