F is for “foodie,” a person with a particular interest in food. Someone who’s always up for trying new places and has a refined but adventurous palate.

And this month at Del Mar Lifestyle, we’re all about feasting with foodies as we just scratch the surface of all things food.  In this issue, travel to Valle De Guadalupe down in Baja California to experience the food, wine and beauty of the region, get introduced to social grilling the latest trend in outdoor dining is brought to us by Del Mar’s very own iBBQ arriving on the scene,  kitchen design trends old and new are showcased by local designer Kari Arendsen from Intimate Interiors and much more.

The dog days of summer this year brought us ice cream, refreshing salads and cocktails enjoyed by the pool as we celebrated the summer racing season at the thoroughbred club, vacations and abundant sunshine.

But the autumnal days of October bring us turkey chili cooking on the stove, seasonal fruits and veggies and pumpkin spice, well, pretty much everything, as we celebrate football season, some warm-weather relief and shorter days moving toward the end of the year.

Whether you consider yourself a foodie, a gourmet, an epicure or just an average eater; perhaps you’re into smoothies post-yoga, craft beer at your favorite brewery, a latte from your favorite café or just a pumpkin full of leftover Halloween candy, we hope this issue inspires you to check out the amazing food scene all around us.

Stay hungry and share your local foodie experiences with us on instagram