Inflation: The Great Retirement “Robber”

Most people have a basic understanding of how inflation works. When the prices of goods and services rise, your money doesn’t stretch as far. During your working years, if you’re receiving regular pay increases, it can be easy to overlook inflation’s overall impact on your bottom line because those raises can help to offset the effects of rising prices.

September 2015 Financial Fitness

The equity in a small business owners’ companies is a valuable asset. But in a privately held company, how can equity be converted to cash when the owner exits the business? Creating an exit plan – commonly called a “succession plan” – is an integral part of strategic business planning. This article will help business owners understand: 1) why a…

August 2015 Financial Fitness

College costs continue to skyrocket – at a pace that far exceeds the rate of inflation. But there is a bright side to planning for college expenses, and it’s getting a little brighter all the time – thanks to federal tax breaks that can make paying for college more affordable. The key point to remember is that you can create…

Back to Basics: A

Once you’ve decided to get serious about financial planning or investing, one of your next steps may be to seek professional assistance. Perhaps relatives or friends are recommending financial professionals to you. Maybe you know some financial professionals yourself. What is the smart way to choose financial planning advice and service? Consider these 10 ideas: