Game On

Have Some Outdoor Fun this Summer with Lawn Games Perfect for any Get-Together, then Cool Off with a Couple Sweet Treats. Article Nicolette Martin Mölkky Throwing Game Dick’s Sporting Goods, $29.99 Playing Mölkky: In this Finnish throwing game, use a wooden pin (mölkky) to knock over wooden pins (skittles). Be the first to reach exactly 50 points to win! … Continued

Mindfulness Matters

Prince “P.J.” Daniels, Jr. is a celebrity mindfulness expert, author and former NFL running back. When his football career ended as a result of injuries in 2009, Daniels turned tragedy into triumph. Having never imagined his life without football, he used meditation to focus on a new strategy for his future and The I’mAgine book series manifested. His first book,…

Present Mood

When gift-giving, presentation matters! Here is one gift presented three ways. Basic craft wrapping paper can be elevated to new heights with different colors and accents. We chose a few colorways and elements to evoke a different style, embellishing with ornaments or wooden words personalize the package for anyone's taste. What is your present mood?

Mother’s Day In Bloom

Gift Inspiration from Flower Hill Promenade

Step Up Your Game

Golf is considered by many to be the most difficult sport to play. The precision, timing, and coordination required to hit a golf ball to its intended target can lead to frustration because of the challenge presented. The good news is that learning to execute and play “good” or even “great" shots is well worth the time and effort it…

Music for the Soul

Coupling art with science, music therapy aims to improve the social, cognitive, psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and communities. It tackles issues such as anxiety, stress, and pain management.

True Grit : Robyn Benincasa

Imagine you’re racing against more than 400 kayakers in the world’s longest nonstop paddling race. You endure 340 miles of water and place 4th overall, while tying for 2nd in the solo category. Impressive? Definitely. Now imagine you did all of this with a crack in your femur bone from a road bike crash two weeks earlier. Such was the…

Charity Begins Here

The Rancho Santa Fe Unit of Rady Childrens Hospital Auxiliary is hosting their first ever destination gala Mystic Nights Extravaganza 2016 on October 28-30 in the beautiful Grand Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico benefitting the endowment for the first Genomics Institute for Children in the USA. Space is limited to only 100 couples for this exclusive and limited opportunity.…