Ask the Expert : 5 Things You Need to Know

Reverse mortgage loans, also known as Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECMs), are not just for those who didn’t sufficiently plan for retirement. In fact, it is wise to take out a reverse mortgage if you are at least 62-years-old, especially if you don’t necessarily need the money. William (Bill) Smith, Sr., a Reverse Mortgage Specialist and General Manager of Reverse…

Setting Pace

Carmel Valley’s newest sport and training store offers training programs and sports gear to get you moving this New Year! Fleet Feet Sports has weekly fitness classes and fun runs, helping you prepare for 5ks and marathons such as the upcoming Carmel Valley 5k and San Diego Half-Marathon.

Behind the Bridle

There’s a unique and unparalleled bond between a horse and a rider. “I love the connection that you get with the horses, and figuring out all of their special quirks that they all have,” says 16-year-old Alexus Willson of Ramona.

MiraCosta Spurs Local Economic Development

During a time of great economic turmoil about 82 years ago, North County San Diego’s first community college emerged. Founded during the Great Depression, MiraCosta Community College provided local students with the opportunity to earn a two-year college education. Today, the organization is making a tremendous impact on the local economy. According to their 2012 performance report, the local economic…

The Key To Financial Freedom

We’re living longer, social security is abysmal, and often people are living beyond their means. While all of this may sound dreary, financial advisor and author, Laurie Itkin, says there are still ways to come out ahead. Also known as "The Options Lady", Itkin lives in Carmel Valley and serves clients throughout the country. She’s also a mentor to women…

Hidden Treasures: Rodrigo’s 
Recycled Art

We are all familiar with the expression “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Rodney “Rodrigo” McCoubrey is a master of finding treasure in everyday trash. A self-proclaimed environmental folk artist, McCoubrey takes the negative aspects of waste and reinvents it as fun, positive art pieces. “If it ain’t fun, I ain’t doin’ it,” he says.

Interview with Del Mar Mayor Sherryl Parks

Our City Hall is an embarrassment to Del Mar. I've lived here long enough to see a wonderful plan come before the voters in 1992 but the bond to support it was rejected. Other things got the attention of the previous Councils and once again the offices and town meeting spaces were overlooked and the working environment got worse. Terry…

Blink Lash Boutique and Blush Tan

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts of romantic dinners for two, intimate moments and treasured gifts come to mind. Getting ready to go out on the town with that someone special to celebrate the day calls for a bit of personal indulgence, and two local businesses stand at the ready to help you embrace a little self-love on…

Meet Matt Montgomery

When Matt Montgomery was a 22-year-old college student, his life took an unexpected and tragic turn: he was struck by an SUV driven by a fleeing shoplifter in a parking lot. Once a competitive swimmer with Olympic aspirations, Montgomery landed in the hospital with serious injuries.

A Conversation with Jen Grove

The Del Mar Village Association wants to see Del Mar thrive as a 21st century neighborhood while at the same time remain true to its historic small-town roots. DMVA is a Main Street organization, a methodology which works with local businesses, city government, commercial property owners and residents in order to support mom-and-pop shops, thus maintaining the community-oriented vibe of…

Work, Play, Love

A smiling group of young girls in princess dresses and tiaras pose in front of a pink and purple castle adorned with turrets and a pumpkin carriage. Their fairytale life is a blessing made possible from the hard work and contributions put forth by Kim Melia of Work, Play, Love and her Hogar Heroes.

Real Talk San Diego

In a world where we now communicate in 140 characters or less, many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle to explain their unique value proposition to consumers. If you’ve only got a few seconds to capture someone’s attention, how can you demonstrate the merits of your product or service? Real Talk San Diego is an entrepreneur’s soapbox that overcomes the challenges…

School of music

When Anna Danes saunters onto the stage, every member in the audience sits up straight. It's not often a blonde- bombshell belts out an Edith Piaf hit with such intense precision, clarity and grace. One forgets the Marilyn Monroe-like Anna is actually singing something the famed French singer made famous many eras ago. Indeed, Anna makes it all new while…